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A 3rd campaign game this time against Yu Jing. In this game the objectives revolved around hacking data from, and then destroying, a high speed train that had momentarily stopped at a station. The station was protected by a security gun and we entertained ourselves with a choice of a secret secondary mission. For mine I decided to kill an enemy model in ARO.
The board was set in deep jungle and I pulled out an amusing plastic toy that had been purchased in a pound shop for the train. The track was a piece of curtain rail and the board was finished off with the usual walls, barrels etc.

For this game I had decided to try a few new models. I took a Kurgat Engineer with autocannon, a Yaogat with a Panzerfaust and a Preta. I brought the heavy guns as I was expecting my opponent to field a TAG. In the event that didn’t happen. I win the initiative and didn’t have too much trouble marching my Charontid hacker near enough to the train to take the data from it. A great start. However, in my reactive turn I was taken by surprise as a pair of Tiger Soldiers entered the battlefield one on either flank. One of these guys knocked my Med- Tech out and the other, toting a HMG, took the Charontid. The Yaogat and Kurgat were able to retaliate out but the Tigers had done some serious damage to my plan.
I did recover enough to get the Kurgat in range to use his D-charges to destroy the train , but sadly I ran out of orders to complete the job. In the meantime a Yu Jing engineer snuck down the side if the train and managed the job properly.

At this point the Yu Jing had completed all of their objectives but my opponent sportingly played on in an aggressive style. In the final exchanges I was able to hop my Vector Operator into position to kill my opponents most expensive model and my Rasyat killed a charging Monk in ARO to allow me to pick up a couple more XP. It then become apparent the Yu Jing were in retreat and despite taking out my Lieutenant (the Yaogat) we gave the Combined army the win for securing the battlefield. It was really the Yu Jungs day though with all if their objectives done.

I was very impressed with the Kurgat in this game and the Vector was superb as well. I must remember to set up my models more intelligently against combat jumping troops. The Tiger soldiers took me by surprise and really messed up my plans. Another great game and looking forward to more 🙂

Happy with the insectoid effect I’ve pressed on with this model this evening.


So, true to my word I looked with fresh eyes and decided the yellow mottle effect had too much contrast.
I wiped away the pastel and had another go this time with more muted browns on a lighter green base colour. I think this looks more natural. I may change my mind again tomorrow !



These guys seem quite useful in campaign games so I’ve brought them to the front of the painting list. They have an insectoid feel to them which is something I struggled with when I painted the Vector Operator. This time I’m going to try something different to capture a chitin like effect.
I’ve decided to have a go with some pastels. The great thing about these is that once on it’s relatively easy to rub off bits you don’t like to leave a weathered feel. Alternatively you can rub the lot off and start again. The finished effect needs to be sealed with a pigment fixer and varnish.

Here is the Med-tech with base colours done and some of the pastel colour scraped off with a scalpel.


Using a brush, a small piece of foam, a scalpel and my finger I messed around with the pastels until I achieved what I hope if the desired effect.


I’ve also added a little red ink and thraka green to the shadows while the eyes have some metallic paint. What do you think? I’ll have another look with fresh eyes tomorrow 🙂

A very cinematic 2nd campaign game this weekend. This time my Combined army faced off against Nomads. At the centre of the board a crashed shuttle and 8 escape pods. In the pods were 3 survivors, one of which was an agent and one of which was the Nomad agent (possibly the same one!). To complicate matters 2 pods were damaged and ready to explode and 3 contained nothing. As you’ve probably guessed we wouldn’t know until we opened them!



I had decided to go with the Charontid as lieutenant this time and looking at the pods getting it amongst them was going to be key in deciding the outcome.

On the other flank I put the Vector and a slave drone; two fast models to try and get to the pods that would be out of the Charontids reach.

The sneaky Nomads set up a guided missile drone behind a radar station. Luckily my Vector was a hacker so hopefully I would be able to do something about this.

In the early action I managed to extract an agent from a pod and find a couple of empties. The Nomads were unlucky with both pods they reached exploding! Unfortunately the Vector went down to a guided missile despite his best efforts to hack it. The good news was that the Charontid found a good position in cover near the remaining pods.

At this point I decided to combat jump my Rasyat in but unfortunately he was too close to the Nomads and they shot him down as he landed. I won’t make the mistake of landing in a zone of control again!

Meanwhile my Shrouded was doing great work checking out the pods under the covering fire of the Charontid. Eventually the penultimate pod revealed my agent.

In the final moments the Nomads were forced into retreat before locating their agent that was in the last pod. The Charontid escorted my agent to the exit point and they were joined by most of my remaining models.


A great game played in good spirit. I really enjoyed the storyline and looking forward to more soon.

Not many posts recently as I have been putting most of my hobby time into preparing stuff for an Infinity Campaign at my local club. We played the first round of games this evening. The games revolved around two missions: firstly hacking a computer system for intelligence and secondly loading an important crate into a shuttle and hacking the autopilot to deliver it to a mother-ship.
There were two identical games being played, both 250 points per side. On the other table Nomads vs. Yu Jing and in my table the Combined Army against Haqqislam.


In the early exchanges the Haqqislam successfully hacked the computer and destroyed the terminal denying the Combined Army the chance to gather the intel as well.

The focus of the game then turned to the crate and shuttle. There was a tense face over the crate, however, during the game the Combined Army had taken heavier casualties, and they were quickly forced into a retreat situation. It was then a simple job for the remaining Haqqislam forces to load the crate and fly the shuttle off the board while the Combined Army retreated.



On the other table the story was similar with the Nomads in retreat, although they did manage to take the intel from the computer system.
So, a great start to the Campaign, although on a personal level a shame that the Combined Army didn’t gain much XP from the game.