Kingdom Death – Monster Sunday – part 6

Posted: January 28, 2016 in Gaming, Kingdom of Death

It’s been awhile since we played this last round of Monster so apologies that this post will not be so indepth. The settlement decided to hunt another couple of level 1 Lions to keep the resources coming in. We have found that a full set of rawhide armour and judicious use of scenery really makes a difference and the survivors had little trouble dispatching both Lions. The session was most notable for a settlement event in which ‘Clinging Mists’ have given the survivors a dilemna: to start a new settlememt or go hunting straightaway. Part of me wants to plough on and get to more challening showdowns, but there is the nagging doubt that a bit of patience and perseverence now will ultimately result in a stronger game position. We decided on the former approach in situ but this may change on more careful reflection.


Also of note is the 3D terrain I am gradually working on and is seen in the picture below. It’s a slow process, particularly as I am distracted preparing models for SMOGCON, but I am getting there.


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