SMOGCON 2016 – part 1

Posted: March 6, 2016 in Gaming, High Command, Tournaments, Warmachine and Hordes

I’ve been suffering from a heavy bout of real-life-litis recently so no gaming to speak of right now. However, I’m making the effort to post this before I forget.
SMOGCON 2016 was sadly spoiled for me as I had a lot on my mind 😦 Nonetheless it was nice to get away for a bit and play a few games in good company as well as the destroyer of peaceful sleep seen below 😉

The action started with a few games of High Command.


I quite enjoyed this and it is a simple game if a little slow. I played Trolls, won a tournament game, tweaked my deck a bit and met a handful of pleasant chaps so it was time well spent. For the record, and it’s already a bit hazy, the deck seemed to work when using cards that stopped others rushing into territories. The two cards in question were the Troll Sorcerer and Mulg.  In addition I found Sons of Bragg and the Fellcaller to be effective in reducing resource costs to get my guys into the fray. The deck I have made hinges on these cards although the two games I lost I found it was down to VPs in the final count. My last action therefore was to top up my deck with more cards that had VPs assigned to them.

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