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Dystopian Wars 3 way

Posted: September 2, 2015 in Dystopian Wars, Gaming

A rare game of Dystopian Wars yesterday evening. A three-way game between Prussians, Antartica and Britannia in which we were playing just for fun.


As you can see my hapless Prussians ended up in the middle which is never a good thing in war. The game mechanics came back to us fairly quickly and I have to say there are patterns that make Spartan games pretty simple to learn. Having said that we used basic models and didn’t pay too much attention to detail to keep things flowing.
After a couple of turns I was reminded of how quickly forces engage in this game and there were significant casaulties. Without much terrain and no objective (other than smashing the other guy to oblivion) Dystopian Wars is a bit of a tit-for-tat attrition war, so being the middle is a recipe for disaster and it was looking grim for the Prussians. The Antarticans had some interesting rules such as a partially submerged battleship and mine laying planes and the KOB models seemed to have an abundance of Armour Piercing nastiness. It wasn’t long before the Prussian battleship was limping along carry two criticals and I was out of the game.


I had put some hurt on KOB force so the Antarticans didn’t have too much trouble clearing up to take the win.
I do like the fluff and models in this game but I think I need to do some more reading about the Prussians as they seem always get thrashed and are light on gimmicks. There is a lot of depth to this game yet to be explored and I would love to do a campaign. A shame it is not a very popular system.


Played a game of Dystopian Wars this evening. A nice contrast to the slew of Warmahordes games recently. Just a small game clashing the Prussians against Empire of the Blazing Sun as an exercise in practising the rules.
It was great fun with highlights including an Emperor battleship giving an Air Fortress a brutal pounding and a Mechanical Squid wiping the crew of a cruiser out.
There is a talk of a large air/sea/land battle in the future so it could be time to prepare for war!


Having ventured upon the high seas in Dystopian Wars and the Uncharted Seas the need for suitable damage counters has become apparent. A club mate has some nice acrylic ones but after a quick hunt around the net I decided to make my own.
Dead cheap these and hopefully suitably cinematic. First up 75 of your finest English pence in the form of 15 5p pieces. Spray a suitable blue.

A spot of PVA glue, squidge on some suitable white fluff (mine was from a fake snow display picked up over Xmas), twist and pull to make the spray/smoke.

And here is situ with a Prussian Emperor battleship. Hopefully this will not actually happen in any games 🙂


So, my first game of Dystopian Wars this evening. Expertly guiding the way was Kevin with his Federated States of America. I had skimmed the rule book and Spartan Games forum so had a rough idea of what to expect but was looking forward to seeing the game in action.
The first surprise was playing along the 6ft axes of the table. My Uncharted Seas experience across the shorter 4ft axes had been of pretty heavy action from turn one, so this would allow a bit more time for developing strategy as the fleets closed. This might be a good thing for the Prussians as it would give time to use the islands on the board as cover, but on the other hand I knew the FSA would outgun my Prussians at long range and this would give them more opportunity to do this as my fleet closed.
The second surprise came when the FSA immediately dropped anchor deep in their territory. All was revealed next turn though when the paddles kicked in rotating the FSA ships to bring broadsides to bear. Oh dear, the outlook was not good for the Prussians facing a gunline like this!
Nonetheless I elected to move down the flanks using the islands on the board as cover. The plan was to emerge from cover and swarm over the FSA at short range where the Prussians might stand a chance. The plan worked to a point but I had taken a roughly 50/50 mix of air and naval vessels which meant the FSA were able to gun down my bombers and air ships over the Islands leaving me with insufficient fire power to threaten when I finally reached their line. At this point my Dreadnought also took two nasty critical hits and it was clear the FSA would likely win. We called it a day on an interesting game.
I enjoyed the system and love the models. It is very similar to Uncharted Seas but has a few additional details pertinent to the more modern technology. Looking forward to more 🙂




More work on the Prussians this evening. I’ve been detailing the larger ships. The pic below shows some of the work. Iron Cross decals are complemented with some Prussian colours done freehand. I’ve also added smoke effect to the guns and chimneys. This a done in three stages : first the initial air brushing is done to create a gradient between the black undercoat and metallics; second a wash of Tamiya black smoke is selectively applied; finally MIG Weathering powder is washed on thinly, then more thickly and finally a little is removed with a finger or brush to make a smoother transition.


Following my recent venture into the Uncharted Seas I was keen to have a bash at Spartan Games flagship system Dystopian Wars. There are some lovely models in the range and knowing that the game plays in a very similar way to Uncharted Seas I’m looking forward to getting a Prussian force on the table.
I am drawn to the Prussians as they have an ‘Evil Empire’ feel to them and I love their air-ships and robots. For the moment I’ve airbrushed base colours on all of the flying and water based models that I have. If the game goes well I will look into expanding this force.
Apologies in advance for the ‘on top of the toilet shots’ – it was the most convenient place with natural sunlight at the time!