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Played a game of Dystopian Wars this evening. A nice contrast to the slew of Warmahordes games recently. Just a small game clashing the Prussians against Empire of the Blazing Sun as an exercise in practising the rules.
It was great fun with highlights including an Emperor battleship giving an Air Fortress a brutal pounding and a Mechanical Squid wiping the crew of a cruiser out.
There is a talk of a large air/sea/land battle in the future so it could be time to prepare for war!


Most of the infantry are now done so it is time to begin work on the three character models for this commission.

I have pretty much finished Chakax apart from some detail on his base. The Skink hero has a very dramatic pose so I’ve popped him on an extravagant base made with a Hirst Arts block, some cork and a bit of milliput work. There is also a Skink Priest to do which is the pick of the new Lizardmen range. More on him later.


50pt Warmachine action with the Trolls facing off with Menoth. More specifically eFeora vs. Calandra and Bruce vs Judicator. I also tried out an Axer and a unit of Fennblades for a bit of a change.
The Menoth came out on top after the early exchanges. The Judicator was throwing out a world of fire based hurt and a shield walled unit of Flame Guard provided the perfect defence for a unit of Zealots who rained down bombs on the trolls.
Unfortunately for the Menites the Trolls spotted an easy win on the scenario, but not wanting to win by a half measure the Dire Troll Mauler spotted an assassination run. Feora had just a slither of her base exposed behind the imposing Judicator and the beast buffed with the Axer’s Rush animus and his own Rage animus steamed in to take her out.
A good win for the Trolls but lucky a lucky one! The Judicator was dangerous and Bruce was lacklustre in comparison. I quite enjoyed the Axer and Fennblades but they didn’t change the nature of the Troll’s strategy enough to get me excited. I’m considering swapping faction for a bit as I’ve used Trolls a lot recently. Current favourite is the Circle Orboros ……Watch this space!




Good progress with the commission this week. Looking forward to finishing this off now.


Same fixture as last week and a chance for Cygnar to take revenge. This time Grim led the Trolls and Seige headed up the Cygnar.
In the early exchanges the Trolls did well with the wildly scattering War Wagon gun putting some pain on a unit of Gun Mages. Siege’s fox-hole spell was a real headache giving him and his Precursor Knight bodyguard a haven in the middle of the battlefield.
Mid-game the Pygs came into their own taking out some Knights and a Warjack and it looked like curtains for the Cygnar. Unfortunately a couple of horribly thrown bombs and a failed frenzy test saw the troll’s plan disintegrate and let Siege back into the game.
A war of attrition developed which eventually saw a desperate Grim (without his battlegroup) casting a spell to take the game. Two big rolls followed and the Troll just managed to take Siege down. Phew ! A great game with a very close ending. Siege is a tricky caster to deal with and I think I will certainly avoid taking blast weapons if I play him again.


Progress has been slower than expected on the Lizardmen but I am getting there. A couple more Temple Guard and the first Saurus nearly finished. I’ve set myself the goal of finishing the whole lot by the end of the month.



Gunnbjorn comes good.

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Game of Warmahordes with the Trolls tonight. My opponent hadn’t played much in recent times so I took Gunnbjorn out for a more gentle game.
Unfortunately it didn’t turn out that way. Gunnbjorn’s bomber punched a hole through the Cygnar knights with his first bomb exposing pHaley. His second bomb was well placed and it was curtains for the lady in blue.
Short but sweet 🙂



Finished the first 4 Temple Guard this evening. This first milestone is very important as I needed to replicate the old scheme of colours and techniques as closely as possible.
One of the 5 models is from the original army and I’m hoping it is impossible to tell which! Answers on a post card …..


And even more Troll action!

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Another game with the trolls against Cryx again. Same Troll list but this time against a different opponent using Deneghra. I ran the trolls forward and to my surprise my opponent just followed suit leaving the two armies standing pretty much toe to toe in the centre of the board.




What followed was brutal in the extreme and sadly for the trolls the Cryx came out on top. The two key events were Gerlack Slaughter Borne pretty much single handily taking out my Scattergunners on a killing spree and a failed command check by my Pygs against terror causing Tartarus. Oh, and the poor Mountain King was taken down by, 4, yes just 4 Bane Thrall attacks! Really not good.
Grim did hang in grimly (pardon the awful pun) but Deneghra kept the pressure up and he eventually went down to some Bane Thralls.


A complete contrast to the other game this week. It shows the impact Deneghra makes and how deployment can make or break the result. I’m not sure where this leaves Bruce. He was a liability in this game and easily handled by Crippling Grasp and the Bane Thralls. I think I will choose his use more carefully in future now I have the urge to field him out of my system. Well done to Dave my opponent on a good win.

More Troll action

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Another outing for the Trolls this week. I’m getting into the groove with Grim and his slightly unconventional shooty Trolls. It’s perhaps not the best list but I’m comfortable with what it can do and that’s half the battle with Warmahordes it seems.
Across the table was Venethrax. The initial turns swung back and forth but the late game saw Grim and Veney tucked away in cover so it would be a war of attrition. Thankfully Trolls are good at this, so eventually it boiled down to an Epic duel between Veny and the Mountain King.
Veny bravely charged Bruce but couldn’t put enough hurt out to trouble the big guy. Bruce fumbled around a bit but eventually got hold of the Lich Lord and was able to destroy his decayed form.
As an added bonus I got to get out the Khador scenery and a new snow themed Realm of Battle board I recently acquired so it was a pretty game. Great fun 🙂