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Finished my first three Dropzone Commander miniatures this week. I decided to paint three of what appear to be the most common walkers.
The Ares is a medium walker and the smaller one in the middle and the other two are Odin heavy walkers. If you look carefully you will notice magnets in the top sockets for attaching to drop ships and what is not obvious is that the torsos are also magnetised so they can be rotated for dramatic effect in play.
I’m pretty pleased with these and I can bang one out in just a couple of hours as there is less need to blend and shade these models than 30mm stuff.
Looking forward to getting more done over the next few days.


PHR on the painting table

Posted: September 25, 2012 in Dropzone Commander

Some how I missed the initial excitement over DZC but when I spotted it at a local gaming store it immediately got my attention.
I really like the 80’s video game feel to the miniatures and background so decided to get a force together. As it happens a guy on a trading forum had a load of Post Human Republic miniatures up for grabs so I traded some excess Warmachine stuff for them.
The minis are fabulous. Lots of smooth surfaces but exquisite detail where it matters. Also I love the way the vehicles literally attach to the drop ships – a wonderful touch for a geeky modeller like me.
I have assembled enough models for a starter force and airbrushed the colour of the armour on. The colours used were P3 Thornwood Green, Menoth base and Menoth Highlight plus Vallejo Dark Desert. Looking forward to getting detail on these and playing a game soon.
The pics start with white primed resin and Thornwood pre-shading and build through Dark Desert to Menoth base to Menoth Highlight.








Back in the Garden

Posted: September 25, 2012 in Eden, Gaming

I played my 3rd Dangerous Eutopia game on Sunday. I used my two new Jokers Stipan and Grusha plus Fifi. The opposition was a Convoy gang.
The mission was a good one for the jokers as it involved running around picking up loot counters and generally avoiding a full on scrap.
In the event the Jokers walked out comfortable winners taking 9 of a possible 10 loot counters home with them. Yuri and Grusha can be seen below scarpering away with the goodies.



Don’t panic!

Posted: September 25, 2012 in Gaming, Khador

This Sunday I had a return match against Vayl using pIrusk and his merry band of infantry filth. My opponent had done his homework this time and was better prepared for the Kayazy and friends. Their initial somewhat reckless attack was neutered leaving the Winter Guard and Behemoth to gradually grind down the more fragile Legion.
In the latter stages of the game the Legion were out numbered and it was looking good for a Khador win. However past experience tells me the Legion can pull off outrageous assassination runs so I decided to play cautiously. With about 20 seconds on the clock and just Irusk to go I declared proudly that I would not panic and do something stupid to hand my opponent the win and ran said ‘caster back behind his lines. Unfortunately I had forgotten we were playing Killbox and he found himself 8 inches from the edge. Doh! Did I feel a numpty or what!?!?
Best not mention this game again …..

50 points of filth

Posted: September 20, 2012 in Gaming, Khador

The standard of Warmahordes has risen exponentially at my local club recently. My ‘jack heavy approach to Khador simply isn’t working anymore so I have turned to the dark side!
After studying a few articles and podcasts I decided to ramp up the infantry content of my collection and try pIrusk who seems to be generally accepted as the best Khador ‘caster.
I airbrushed some basic colours on 10 Kayazy + underboss, 2 units of eliminators and made sure I had the full winter guard death star ready to rock and roll. Add in the Great Bears and a Conquest and you have 50 points of Khadorian filth!
I faced a legion army led by Vayl. The game was a real grind-fest and perhaps not surprisingly Irusk and his infantry horde eventfully emerged on top.
I liked the way the infantry heavy list played but I will need to speed up if it is to be viable in a competitive game.



Revenge of the Dark Eldar

Posted: September 20, 2012 in 40k, Dark Eldar, Gaming

Recently had a return match against the Chaos army who narrowly defeated my Dark Eldar last time.
Another good game but this time the Dark Eldar dominated and walked away as winners with minimal casualties.
I feel as though I’m getting back to grips with the Dark Eldar and I’m enjoying 6th.



Conquest Base

Posted: September 20, 2012 in Khador, Painting and Modelling

Not had much time for blogging recently so running a bit behind. Some time ago I made the base for my conquest and took a few pics.
The bases of my Khador army have a snowy forest theme. The snow is just a mix of white coral sand and PVA so nothing exciting there. Some of foliage is a bit more interesting though. First up some snowy long grass.
I use silfor tufts which are very nice. A few patches here and there are stuck on.

I also added some silfor moss and natural leaves to the base.



In order to give it a more snowy feel I use a pair of Tamiya weathering sticks. One is snow one is mud. Using a cocktail stick a little of each pigment is ‘brushed’ or spread in patches.


Finally Mig pigment filler is brushed over the required area to improve adhesion.