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Level 7

Posted: August 26, 2015 in Gaming, Level 7

Something a bit different this weekend: Level 7. As a rule I prefer miniature games to card and board games but I picked this up pretty cheap on eBay and it’s a Privateer Press product so has a good pedigree. I played a couple of practice games and found them to be enjoyable. The game is one of those that is complex at first but after a few rounds it is quick and pretty straightforward. Not the sort of game for a friends or family but worth exploring with experienced gamers.
I won’t post all the details as there is a nice youtube video that explains the game here Level 7.
We had a good game in which I managed to escape (and hence win) while my two co-players narrowly failed to get out before the game locked down.
The game itself reminds me a little of Zombiecide and also of Sedition Wars two games I have limited experience of. There is less blasting through hordes of gribblies than the former, and the rules and gameplay are much smoother than the latter. The quality of the game components is excellent and as the game will play differently everytime it can be revisited over and over. Personally I would like the option of miniatures but the card characters are fine and make this playable straight out the box.
Overall it gets a thumbs up and there are plans afoot for a return with a mini campaign in the not to distant future.