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A bit more progress this week. I’ve been committing a lot of time to my job in the evenings so this is taking a lot longer than expected.
The Skink characters have most of their base colours and some detail work done. I’ve also done the Bolt- thrower for the Stegadon – it just needs a bit of tidying and some new magnets for the crew.



Three way mosh pit goes to Menoth

Posted: November 28, 2013 in Circle, Gaming

A massive 35 pt mosh pit occupied most of this Sunday evening. I continued my run with Kromac and in the opposite corners were pSeverius and Aby.
The game was played in the true spirit of a mosh pit with everyone frantically running for the centre and then slugging it out in the resultant scrummage.
I thought I had the game in the bag at one point when I just had to clear a shredder and a Seraph from the pit with Kromac. The plan was to beast Kromac out, take the Seraph with a charge and preserve enough fury to Rift the shredder into oblivion. Sadly I had forgotten that Kromac cannot cannot cast spells while in beast form. Doh! In the event he failed to kill the a Seraph anyway so it was a double lesson learnt about the capabilities of this Warlock.
Aby took advantage of Kromac’s impetuous attack and assassinated him in the next turn. What followed was a war of attrition that would eventually see a beast-less Aby bettered by the Menite.
A great game and I’m still loving Kromac.



Woof! Who let the dogs out …..!

Posted: November 14, 2013 in Circle, Gaming

As promised in the previous post this Sunday it was time for a change. I’ve always liked Circle Orboros but in my first couple of years of Warmahordes went for the rather more simple and steady factions i.e. Trolls and Khador. The Circle are too fragile and tricksy for a beginner but I feel sufficiently clued up to give them a good run out now. As for a first warlock it had to be Kromac. I love the model and the fact that he can beast out is the icing on the cake. It’s also a bonus that many consider him to be one of the best if not the best Circle Warlock.
In my first game I played just 15pts against a club mate learning the game. I eased my way in learning how to use his spells and abilities while using a set of shifting stones to get a Feral in a good position to alpha strike my opponents heavy beast. After that it was a clear up job and I got to use the stones again to teleport Kromac into the enemy Warlock and take her down.

There was time for a second game that evening so I threw Kromac into a mosh pit that included two Colossals! It started of badly with two of my three beasts going down to a Judicator. The Menoth caster then assassinated the 3rd players ‘caster leaving eFeora in the open and an inert Stormwall. Kromac saw the opening, leapt over a blocking Menoth ‘jack and proceeded to bash eFeora into the ground. My opponents thought I was crazy as my fury rapidly evaporated but they hadn’t counted on Kromac’s feat. He beasted out and smashed Feora for the win.
Kromac is fantastic. A very dangerous Warlock and he and his battlegroup are the perfect contrast to the Trolls and Khador. Looking forward to more Circle over the coming weeks.



Another 50pt game and this time Cygnar under the command of eHayley with Stormwall to boot. I knew I would be facing the Stormwall so took Mulg in the hope that he or the Mountain King would be able to wreck the colossal. The strategy was simple – set them both up opposite the Stormwall and use the Rush animus of the Axer to get them in as soon as possible.
The Stormwall came out strong putting Bruce in trouble with a hail of bullets. Luckily Bruce managed to hang tough, and after gobbling up a load of Whelps he was in good enough shape to go colossal hunting. He ploughed into the Stormwall and put it in serious trouble. Mulg had a simple job to charge in and bash it into scrap metal during his activation.
The Cygnar fought back bravely taking Bruce next turn, but the Trolls were in a good table position and starting scoring control points. The game turned into an attrition match and the Trolls scored steadily on their objective until they ran out winners 5-0.
I enjoyed Mulg and have to say I’m loving the Axer as a replacement to the Impaler who has been my staple light beast in the past. His Rush animus is brilliant and was key to me getting Mulg and Bruce into the Stormwall and securing the win. Having said that I think I’ve sufficiently reminded myself of how the Trolls work and fancy a change. I might get the Khador out again or possibly start exploring Circle.