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I’m nearing the end of my time on this labour and struggling to be honest. Recently I’ve been plugging away at the infantry. I’m trying to get about 150 models to a basic tabletop standard to crew the Mumaks and give me two reasonably large formations for support and to hide Khamul in. The priority now is to get the basing done and three basic colours on all the models.

The Mumaks have been given uniform howdahs and their bases are done. The Mumaks themselves are pretty much tabletop standard so this time I will be leaving them as they are. As they are the main focus of the army I’m pleased to have them done at least – just got to get the infantry done!




Over the last few days I got my Mumak herd together and prepared a 2K list for a game at my local club.
First a couple of pics to show the reposed head of one of the Mumaks. I decided to do two in a more aggressive pose to give the herd some variation. It’s actually a very simple conversion to chop some of the neck away and then resculpt the join with milliput.



In the game itself my opponent was very sporting in choosing a list heavy on cavalry and heroes to recreate the feel of the Pelennor fields battle from The Lord of the Rings films. In the pictures you can see how the herd lined up, stomped all over the enemy and in the latter stages broke to clear up the remaining enemy. My opponent did manage to take two of the beasts down but they did their job well.






I’m pleased that I finally got to field this list. It’s also good news that it was fun to play and while good I sense it is far from invincible. I’m going to struggle to get all the Mumaks, crew and a couple of infantry formations done by the end of the month but I should have a presentable 2K force by then.