About Nurgleonbass

I have been playing games on and off for nearly 30 years. I started with Basic Dungeons and Dragons aged little more than 10. During my teens I continued to play D&D, other role-playing games and eventually the 1st and 2nd Editions of Warhammer Fantasy. I took a long break from the hobby in my twenties and returned when life settled down in my early thirties. Warhammer Fantasy and 40K were very much my systems of choice, but recently I have diversified into all sorts of other systems.

As a gamer I enjoy moderate success. I like to feel I’m in with a chance, but a good natured tussle with nicely painted toys is far more important to me than winning. I like campaigns, painting, reading fluff and immersing myself in the background of the games I play. In the past I have won a few awards for painting at tournaments and once placed second in a 40K tournament but that was a long time ago!

I like to play the ‘bad guys’. I especially like monsters, daemons and anti-heros. In Warhammer I have always liked Nurgle and I have played bass in a number of bands over the years – hence the name of this blog and my username on the various forums and websites I use.

I hope you will find something of interest on these pages and do leave a comment or two.



  1. munkeykungfu says:

    Hey mate, do you guys play malifaux down the cub on a Sunday? Are any of you guys thinking about deadzone as well?

    • nurgleonbass says:

      Hi Liam. We haven’t played a lot recently but there 3 or 4 of us with crews. We wouldn’t take much persuading to get them out again If you wanted to pop up one Sunday.

      Dead zone is on my radar and Bluesquareman has pretty much decided to buy in already. I like the look of terrain more than the models at the moment but am watching with interest.

  2. Hi, I noticed you basecoat the top half of your models in brown-ish colours? I was just wondering why that was?

    All your models looks amazing and I am very jealous

    • nurgleonbass says:

      That’s kind. Thank you very much.

      The base coat is Games Workshop Snakebite Leather. I primed the models in black as I wanted a dark feel to the crew. The problem with black is its not a good base colour for flesh and fabric. The Snakebite leather is much better for these areas.

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