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The New Year is approaching fast and I’m wondering where to invest my gaming energies in 2014. I won’t be doing another 12 Labours but I will be reviewing how well that went before the year is out. If there is one thing the Labours have taught me that is I can’t plan more than a couple of months in advance without getting seriously distracted!

Bearing this in mind I’ve quite enjoyed getting onside with a club mate’s philosophy of sticking with a system for an extended period to get the most from it. I’m thinking 2-3 months seems optimum : enough time to thoroughly learn the rules, paint a force and try out a few variations.

One thing is for sure : Smogcon in Feb. The main focus here is Warmahordes of course, but Malifaux, DZC and Bushido may also be worthy distractions. And then there is the speed painting which really needs a bit of practice too – even if just for a laugh.

So, in conclusion, Jan and Feb will see me keeping Warmahordes firmly in mind. However, I would like to go to Smogcon in a good position to play one of the other systems to a respectable standard too.


I’ve been talking about doing a Cryx pirate force for a long time. This week I finally got around to collating the models together for a Terminus themed army. Early stages here, and my Khador still have priority at the moment, but at least I have made a start!