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Had a first and much anticipated game of M2.0 this evening. It was a good game and has left me keen to play more.
The game was 35 Soul Stones and a standard encounter on my newly created Wild West board. We drew standard deployment and various schemes of which I chose Assassination. This was purely to keep my objective as simple as possible while I got my head around the Jacob crew. I also rejected any upgrades and went for Jacob + Huggy, 2 x Illuminiated, 2 x Depleted, 1 Beckoner and Mr Tanen. Across the board was Seamus with his crew of undead and the Copycat Killer.

Not really knowing what to expect I went for a symmetrical deployment. Jacob was placed near cover as I planned to use him defensively while Huggy was central and I planned to just run him straight into the action. Seamus set up in the middle and came forward very aggressively in turn 1 to occupy a central position. I moved all of my models forward but left Jacob behind his crates observing the action from a safe distance.

Looking at the board at the start of turn 2 I was surprised to note several options for getting stuck into Seamus. An Illuminated had a pop and then took heavy damage back but then it was Huggies go. Using Incorporeal he charged through the gallows and a couple of models to Seamus. A couple of jammy draws saw him trigger Envelope on Seamus and I thought this might be curtains. However Seamus just managed to hang in there. As the turn continued it became apparent that I should be activating Jacob and Mr Tanen early to get the most from the buffs and debuffs they offer. Must remember this in future! Turn 2 closed out with a dangerous looking mosh pit in the centre of the board.

Turn 3 was going to be the crunch. Jacob got the initiative flip and I had a dilemma : activate Jacob and/or Mr Tannen to get the buffs/debuffs off but risk Seamus escaping or taking down Huggy OR get Huggy’s retaliation in first and hope he could do it. I went for the latter and watched Huggy fluff his attacks and then go down to Seamus. This was not so good! At this point I was getting worried but Seamus only had a few wounds left. I decided to chip away at him with my remaining models. The Beckoner did a bit of damage and put Brilliance on Seamus. However, the killing blow came from an expected quarter. A Depleted was drawn to the Brilliance imparted on Seamus by the Beckoner. It crawled over the gallows, dropped down the other side and sacrificed itself. The resulting splurge of Brilliance was enough to take Seamus down.

At his point we called it a night and a 3 – 0 win to Jacob. The game was fun, had the right level of complexity and plenty of dark humour. Good stuff! The Jacob crew is fun. I like Huggy and although powerful he is clearly not invincible. The Brilliance mechanic is interesting and there are lots on interesting combos to explore between the models in the crew. Overall it’s a big thumbs up for M2.0 and Jacob from me.


Merry Christmas!


All Quiet on the Martian Front is another Kickstarter I backed that has been delayed. Only by a month or two this time …… or so they say……

I noticed this amusing picture on the Alien Dungeon website though. Great fun.


The 12 Labours of NOB – Review

Posted: December 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

This it is it . . . . the end of the Herculean quest. Sadly I have not been as heroic as the legend himself, but given how busy I’ve been with work and kids and I think what I have achieved has been a very respectable effort. What follows is a slightly self indulgent review and picture montage, but hey, to quote a contemporary advertising campaign, I’m worth it 🙂


1) Defend a village, a Chief and its King: Partial success with the Mountain King getting done. This chap wins my favourite model of 2013 award. Stunning sculpt but sadly very mediocre in game terms.

2) Establish a base on a Cradle world : Possibly my greatest success this year. Okay, so the boards were purchased elsewhere but the cool light effects and buildings were built on a budget mainly from IKEA. This was the only entry I made in a painting competition of any kind and was delighted to win.

3) Recruit allies to retake the Earth : My UCM force was completed to a nice standard. Pleased with this one.

4) Master the art of Urban warfare : A bit of a cop out on this one but the Dropzone Commander Cityscape allowed me to do this in an evening. It doesn’t really cater for 28mm gaming so this is something to come back to in the future.

5) Tame the Beauty and the Beast: Failed to sort out my Dark Eldar. I did enjoy a game or two but couldn’t get inspired with this lot. I’m going to sub in my successful Ralgard fleet to cover this month’s task.

6) Survive the Post Apocalypse :The Eden Indiegogo campaign was shocking in its organisation and although the new book was pretty nice I still haven’t found the time to read it in full. This system has fallen out of favour it seems which is a shame but there is only so much time. For these reasons this Labour never got off the ground. I’ll substitute my successful Dystopian Wars Prussian force here.

7) Conquer the Galaxy – Sadly another failed Labour. I nearly took a brush to my BFG Chaos fleet but with Games Workshop pulling the rug from Specialist gaming and the ensuing rush for models on eBay I couldn’t bring myself to get stuck in. I’m waiting to see how this settles down. I really like like Epic and BFG and dearly hope there is a future in them somewhere. I’ll sub in my Lizardman commission here 😦

8) Secure bridgehead on Paradiso: The first complete failure! Another system not attracting a lot of favour at the moment. I’m not giving up entirely on this. I think it has a lot to offer and I’m keen to invest some time and effort in the future.

9) Cross The Breach and raise an army of the dead!: I’ve ended up on a tangent with this one. This month I managed to make a reasonable start on my Jacob Lynch crew and a Malifaux Wild West style board. There will be more on this soon. Another partial success.

10) Battle for Alabaster : I’m quite pleased I made some progress on this. It could have easily come to nothing at all. There was a massive amount of excitement over the Kickstarter but the delivery was disorganised and in some places of poor quality. I’m not sure where to go with this now – I’ve got the Wave 2 miniatures but have little desire to do much with them. I may come back to them when my Bug Hunt Corridors arrive but that’s another delayed Kickstarter which may be 18 months away before I can expect delivery 😦 Nonetheless I’ll put this down as a success given the challenge.

11) Lead the charge of the Mumaks : A good success here. I managed to get a good line of Mumaks painted to a decent standard and field them. A club mate gamely put a load of Rohan on the board for them to trample over (which I duly did- would have been rude not to!) and I enjoyed the spectacle. I want to do more with these guys but I sense War of the Ring is going to be one of the systems that comes out once in a blue moon rather than a mainstay.

12) To be decided : Nurgle Daemons. I airbrushed a massive Daemon army which was great fun. Unfortunately I’ve struggled to make further progress with the models. On the bright side I’ve played quite a few games with these including my biggest game of the year which was great fun. I’ll put this down as a success.

So, in summary,

Successes : 8

Partial Successes : 3

Failures : 1


The New Year is approaching fast and I’m wondering where to invest my gaming energies in 2014. I won’t be doing another 12 Labours but I will be reviewing how well that went before the year is out. If there is one thing the Labours have taught me that is I can’t plan more than a couple of months in advance without getting seriously distracted!

Bearing this in mind I’ve quite enjoyed getting onside with a club mate’s philosophy of sticking with a system for an extended period to get the most from it. I’m thinking 2-3 months seems optimum : enough time to thoroughly learn the rules, paint a force and try out a few variations.

One thing is for sure : Smogcon in Feb. The main focus here is Warmahordes of course, but Malifaux, DZC and Bushido may also be worthy distractions. And then there is the speed painting which really needs a bit of practice too – even if just for a laugh.

So, in conclusion, Jan and Feb will see me keeping Warmahordes firmly in mind. However, I would like to go to Smogcon in a good position to play one of the other systems to a respectable standard too.


Kromac takes on Seige

Posted: December 23, 2013 in Circle, Gaming

A tense game against 50pts of Cygnar this evening. After a cagey start I decided to run all three of my heavy warp wolves at Seige in the hope one would get through. The Cygnarites hit them hard and I lost the Stalker while the other two were left on their last legs. However Ghetorix turned out to be the beast for the job and with the help of his friends he found a gap to take the Warcaster down.

The game could of gone either way and we both made a couple of mid game mistakes that left a lot of ifs and buts. All good fun.

Three key learning points for me from this game :

1) Ghostly does not allow models to move through other models. This makes the Pureblood much less effective than I thought.

2) Ghetorix should be warping hyper aggressive to get him into melee faster and taking advantage of his armour buff.

3) I need to hang the stones back a bit . They are getting too far up field and I am losing one of the triad needed for teleport too cheaply.



More work on Mr Lynch and his crew today. Having reviewed the first Illuminated I decided to put more contrast into the blending. I also decided to pop his head off and make a more dynamic pose. While I was at it it made sense to add some gribbly tentacles to his mouth too.
I also had a go at another Illuminated. This guy was stood on tip toes and I just don’t see how this is practical for a gaming piece. I snipped off his feet and pinned him to a base. More tentacles should give a firmer connection with the base and add to the feeling this chap is being overwhelmed by ‘brilliance’.