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Played a 2nd game of Sedition Wars this evening. This time I feel we got the rules right and started to get to grip with the tactics of the game.
In a nutshell there is an intriguing tension between the need for the Vanguard to kill the Strain models and that by doing this they are providing the Strain with the nano virus they need to construct their own win. I feel this could the key to understanding the game and is what is going to make the game interesting in the long term.
In our game my opponent Ken started out by butchering most of my models but we realised this was giving me with the nano I needed to infect corpses and hence fulfil my own mission. All the while the Strain were gradually chipping away at the superior Vanguard models.
By the time the Vanguard had made a run for it and sufficient progress to threaten their objective, there were only two Samaritans left and they were surrounded by reanimated Revenants. The Revenants overwhelmed the hapless heroes and they were left bleeding to death of the deck of the Alabaster. A grim end indeed!
I’m looking forward to exploring more about this game in the future. 🙂






A few days late but I have finished the models to play the first mission in the box set now. Not a mega job but a reasonably fast and gribbly tabletop standard for these Strain.
I’m looking forward to playing again this Sunday having swotted up on the faqs. I did consider trying to get enough models together for the 2nd mission too but at double the points that will have to wait a bit now.
So, that’s labour 10 knocked off the list 🙂



Played a first proper game of Sedition Wars this evening. To be honest I haven’t quite finished all the models for the first mission but everything had the base colours on and we were good to go.
I took the Strain and my opponent took the Vanguard. We ran at each other, fumbled with the rules a bit, and about 2 hours later the Vanguard came out as the winners. I quite enjoyed the game and I think there is enough depth to make it worth playing again. We were only using the bare minimum of models and little that was special – there is plenty more to explore. We did leave the game with a few questions about the rules so a good hunt through the Sedition Wars forum will be needed next. I also think that we both have a better feel for how the game plays now so we can begin to develop strategy rather than worrying about the rules.
Overall I’ve got mixed feelings about this game. Lovely miniatures but awful plastic and assembly. Interesting mechanics but quite a few holes that need clarification. Looks good on the table but will benefit from 3D terrain. It’s worth a go but I think more games will be needed before a fair judgement can be made on it’s long term appeal. I’m looking forward to playing some more and trying out some bigger gribblies next time.


First two Vanguard models complete. I’ve gone for what I hope is a respectable table top standard.
The scheme is very similar to what I used on my Dropzone Commander PHR. It’s black primer, white primer, pick out black parts, high light with Menoth base coat, 2nd highlight with Menoth highlight. To blend the various shade together better I used very dilute Astronomican Grey as a wash over everything apart from the gun and visor. The visor is Khador base highlighted with Blazing Orange. Finally I’ve used Forged Monkey Acid Green (a dayglow colour) to pick out the energy cells on the weapons.
Pretty happy with the result. Each model takes about 2 hours which is a decent rate of painting for me.


The last two months I’ve been running two of my 2013 Labours simultaneously. I’ve posted a lot about the Nurgle Daemon Labour but not so much about the Sedition Wars.
I’ve assembled all of the starter box miniatures and started painting enough for the first mission in the book. The miniatures are very nice but I must say the plastic was awful to work with. It is very hard and there are some pretty major mould lines to deal with. On top of that the larger miniatures don’t fit together terribly well. Definitely not a game for a lazy modeller!
I played a short solo game last night to get a feel for the rules. It took quite some time to navigate the rule book but once I had the swing of it it seems like a simple game that should have plenty of depth.
I’ve only a couple of days to finish this labour so I’m settling for a decent tabletop job on the minis for the first mission. If I enjoy that I’ll paint a few more each time I tackle the next one up.