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I put some paint on the post Apoc terrain tonight. I thought it would be a good idea to lay out the pieces and see if I have enough for the ‘Evening in Eden’ and for an Infinity table.
The answer to the former is a yes. The picture below is a table and a half for Eden and packed with more stuff than necessary. Certainly enough for 3 plus tables of Eden action here. For the former question sadly its a no. The density of terrain seen here is about right for Infinity so probably about half of what is needed as it’s a 6 x 4 game.
Never mind. I’m not too worried as Infinity is on the back burner at the moment. It would be relatively easy to rustle up some more shacks and the odd silo. Those would act as space eating terrain and something I can look forward to in the future.
Next steps include painting the stacks of barrels, putting water effect on the toxic spills, and rubbing the salt off the various bits to give a quick and simple weathering effect. Great fun!



Post Apoc terrain

Posted: April 26, 2012 in Eden, Painting and Modelling

I’ve had a bit more time than usual to indulge in the hobby this week. Opportunities like this are rare, so I like to do something a bit more ambitious than usual.
There has been more interest in Eden at my local club recently, and even mention of a bit of Infinity. I’ve decided to organise an ‘Evening in Eden’ in a few weeks, which, not surprisingly, is an evening of Eden games! As several people have expressed interest I thought it might be nice to expand my post Apoc scenery collection with a view to populating a few tables and the possibility of merging all the stuff together for future games of Infinity.
In the pics below you can see my progress so far. The Ramshackle truck has been given some attention and named ‘Iron Duke’. I’ve also put together a load of wrecked cars, skips, industrial bins, piles of rubbish and a small corrugated iron building. Just sprayed this lot black, then rusty red, followed by the hair spray and salt trick so far. I’m not planning on investing loads of time on this stuff, just enough to make it look cool on the tabletop and complement the games mentioned. I’m hoping to add some radioactive pools next and get this all painted up in time for the ‘Evening in Eden’..



Grigori finished

Posted: April 25, 2012 in Eden, Painting and Modelling

It looks like I have a game of Eden lined up for the weekend so I thought I might crack on with Grigori.
I very much enjoyed painting this model just like all the other jokers. The quality of the sculpt is noticeably better with this later model. The personality of this character really comes through in the sculpt so well done Taban on another fantastic miniature.


Harkevich bests Kreoss

Posted: April 24, 2012 in Gaming, Khador

Harkevich faced off against Menoth’s Kreoss this weekend. A hard fought game that was decided by a bulldozing Spriggan.
I’ve been aware of the Spriggan’s potential as an assassination ‘jack for sometime, but this was the first time I’ve managed to pull it off.
I’m finding Harkevich to be an interesting all round ‘caster. He’s not got anything brilliant in his repertoire, but he can do a bit of everything so can adapt to different challenges.



Progress on Grigory

Posted: April 21, 2012 in Eden, Painting and Modelling

I haven’t managed much in the way of painting this week. Only managed to get a bit more of Grigory done. He is about half way finished in this picture. Still work to do on the face, hair, skin, badges, clocks and waistband. I’m still loving the challenge of painting these models. In this case the stripes are relatively easy, but the check pattern on the hat was quite tricky. Hoping to have this guy done for the next game with the Jokers.


Karchev grinds out a win

Posted: April 15, 2012 in Gaming, Khador

Karchev made his way out of the army box for a 50pt hardcore matchup. I took the newly completed Behemoth and a shed load of ‘jacks to round out a tier 4 list.
Across the table was a Retribution force that included the ‘angry cricket’ battle engine. I was expecting this to be a thorn in my side while getting Karchev’s ‘jack slinging antics going and it did indeed manage to halt my advance with it’s 4in difficult ground attack.
The game was a rather ugly affair that boiled down to a war of attrition. The Khador armour and mechanics helped to keep me in the game and the more fragile elves were gradually eliminated. After a few turns my opponent Matt realised it was unlikely to go his way and conceded the match. Not the best game, but I am pleased to have kicked off the third club league with a win.
One thing to note is that I didn’t struggle for time with this list but I did feel Matt’s list included too much shooting and not enough big hitters – he struggled to activate and use all of his force in the turn when we engaged and I’ll sure that had an impact on the final result. This is further proof in my mind that the way to play hardcore is to take a small number of the big melee monsters and just get them into your opponents face ASAP!

Behemoth done

Posted: April 13, 2012 in Khador, Painting and Modelling

Finished up Behemoth tonight. Pretty pleased with him and definitely looking forward to him wrecking face on the battlefield over the coming weeks!