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Having got to grips with Aurora I thought I would give Syntherion a run out this evening. I also wanted to try double Axioms and impressive indeed they looked together on the table. My opponent was playing 50pts of Trolls lead by pGrissel.


I felt pretty secure behind my Colossal wall and weathered the storm as the Long Riders came charging in and then bounced back to safety using Grissel’s feat. Despite shooting down a few Fennblades I felt that the Axioms and Syntherion lacked the attacking flair needed to trouble the rather large horde of Trolls so started to look at wining on objectives. After a couple of hours play the table was evenly matched and there still a lot to do. We decided to call the game a draw and put it down as a learning experience.


There is no doubt that Syntherion and double Axioms are a tough nut to crack. A good list for an attrition game where the objectives are small in number and close together. I missed the assassination potential of Aurora but castling behind a wall of Colossal goodness did have a certain appeal. One thing I must bear in mind is where the Axioms spawn their Servitors. I made a few mistakes with this resulting in blocking push lanes for the drag attack. I used Attunement Servitors quite well this time and I think I will paint a few more of these as they are proving to be the most useful of the Servitors. Finally, I learnt that it is possible to get the benefit of Hot Shot on both Axioms if the order of activation is right. This is potentially very hard hitting so well worth thinking about in the future.


I’ve mocked up a complete base as seen in the picture below. First up I washed it over with Citadel Agrax Earthshade, then a dry brush of Vallejo pale grey and finally a few dabs of dilute MIG green weathering pigment. Lastly I added a patch of fungus in the form of some little wasp eggs I found on an Oak tree a few months back. I’ve used these before and like the effect – no hatches as yet!

I’m happy with this result. It’s not quite the effect I had in mind but I think it’s fairly realistic and looks nice. I also dry brushed the texture on the base to bring it out a touch. Still not sure about this.

I took to the bases with an array of spray cans yesterday. First up, prime black and then a dusting of rusty red.

Next up, Cappuccino.

Now a little texture spray.

And then some warm grey.

Next step was a little Army Painter Green applied sparingly and in patchy style so as to be almost invisible. Finally, I went back and repeated the red from below and warm grey from above to re-emphasise the zenithal effect.
To be honest I’m not too happy with the final effect, despite all the effort! I’m hoping the detailing will improve the look. An unfortunate aspect of this technique is that I’ve also managed to texture the rims of the bases. I’m not sure how this is going to look but I might be able to turn it to my advantage later.

My second game with Aurora this evening. This time 35 points against pDenny. I went for T3 trying a Cipher heavy vector this time. Denny’s list was quite heavy on the infantry front and I was particularly worried about the max Bane Thralls with UA.



In the first turn I ran at the Cryxian force creating a wall of Clockwork Angels and Servitors. The Cryx ran straight back at me forcing me to detonate most of my Reflex Servitors near my own lines. I got off quite lightly losing a single Angel but taking a few Cryx infantry down.

In turn 2 we exchanged models in the centre of the table with neither force gaining a clear advantage. I was able to get a unit of Clockwork Angels deep into enemy territory on either flank which was important in the end game.



In the next couple of turns we continued to look for a channel to each other’s ‘casters. Denny gave Aurora a shock with Scourge knocking her over and knocking off 10 boxes. Aurora used her arc-node to knock out a few Bane Thralls and put a spray on Denny but failed to make a substantial impression. However, Denny’s feat was put to good effect allowing the Cryx to gain control over the centre of the board.
It looked like Aurora was in trouble so I backed off and waited for the feat round to pass. At this point a chicken used Ghost Walk to get at Aurora and she used Admonition to slip away into a good position to assassinate Denny. In the next turn I was able to run an Angel into Denny’s rear, charge an enemy model with Aurora and use her feat to Refuge into Denny. It took all seven focus to Flashing Blade Denny to death and it was a close thing!

Wow – a long game with a close ending. Very pleased to pull off Aurora’s assassination run against a tough ‘caster like Denny but it was a close thing. I played Aurora and her Angels more skilfully this time and enjoyed the experience. I should mention that the Cipher did well – of the three heavy vectors I’ve tried I think the Cipher has been the most versatile with sound ranged and melee options. Looking forward to the next one.
Edit: Note to self – must remember to use Aurora’s Apparition ability for her battlegroup. I completely forgot it in this game!

I have been thinking about how to base my CoC force. While it is tempting to go with some of the funky clockwork bases that are fashionable at the moment, I prefer a more realistic look for my models. I often find a google image search can aid inspiration and I found a very striking CoC force on simple rock bases made from cork. The stark contrast between the metal constructs and the rugged natural rock was appealing.
I’ve decided to steal this idea. The bases are dead easy to make using cork matts. I’ve used two thicknesses and simply broken them up and then superglued together building up a rugged mountainous feel.



Following a few bargains acquired on eBay I’ve decided to give CoC a go. I’m drawn to the faction for three reasons. Firstly, being a faction of mainly clockwork robots they should be quick and easy to paint. Secondly, I’ve found the Focus mechanic to be second best to Fury, but with the CoC I feel there is a lot more room for flexibility with Focus than the other Warmachine factions e.g. Focus Induction. Thirdly, although some of the models are duffers there are are a number of corkers with a very beautiful ‘other world’ aesthetic e.g the Angels and Iron Mother.
I read a couple of tacticas and decided Aurora and her tier 4 Angels seemed a good place to start. It didn’t take long to airbrush some basic metallics on Aurora, 15 Angels and the rest of the models needed for a 50 point list. The models also provide a reasonable pool to draw upon for other ‘casters and I’ve got my eye on Syntherion and the Iron Mother too.
First game was this evening against eAbby, a trio of Legion heavies, some Swordsmen and a few other Legion staples like the Raek and Forsaken.



In the first turn I was pleasantly surprised by the speed of the army, the Angels in particular zooming up the flanks and actually managing to engage some enemy advance deploy models before they had a chance to move. However, the Legion did hit back removing this early threat but in the process were disrupted. A couple of turns in and the action started hotting up. Aurora found herself in a good but risky mid-table position.

Typhon had a go at assassinating Aurora but she slipped away through Admonition and Flight leaving the three headed monster blushing. A welcome spin-off to this was that Aurora now found herself in with a chance of assassinating eAbby. I ran through the sequence of necessary events in my mind and decided it was worth a go. Firstly I had a few shots at eAbby to try and wear her down but to no avail. I then swooped a couple of Angels in ready for Aurora to take advantage of Flank. Aurora charged a nearby Shredder but here I made two key errors. Firstly Aurora missed the Shredder meaning she could not trigger Refuge from her feat. It became necessary to buy another attack and boost it to get this to work. The second mistake was Aurora then killed the Shredder which allowed eAbby to Reave fury from it for transfer purposes. Aurora then faced up to eAbby herself but she was down on her full complement of Focus needed to spam Blade Storm. To add insult to injury the attacks didn’t go well and eAbby was untouched. In the next turn she had little trouble knocking Aurora out for the win.

So, a good game and I learnt a lot about the faction and list. Looking forward to more soon.