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It’s taken me a couple of years to paint this lot but feels as though it might as well have taken as long as the Tomb Kings have been around themselves! Never mind, I’m just glad they are finally done.
So, the full team is composed of 4 Mummies (the Ushabti), 2 Throw Ras and 2 Blitz Ras (Impact Miniatures Anubi) and 10 converted Khemri Skeletons. One of the Skeletons has a skull in his hand and will be used for an additional Throw Ra or other model that needs distinguishing for one reason or another.
Sadly these guys are likely to go back in the loft as Blood Bowl is not my favourite game at the moment, but I might try and give them one run out before retiring them for this season.





Khemri Blitz-Ras

Posted: December 26, 2012 in Blood Bowl, Painting and Modelling

I’m still chipping away at my Khemri Bloodbowl team. I am going to try and finish it for the New Year so that I can then focus on my 12 Labours for 2013.
In the picture below are two Blitz-Ras about 2/3rds finished. These are Impact miniatures and match the two Throw-Ras I have already constructed.
I’m not enjoying painting this team now – it has become a bit of a chore. I will finish it though. Must press on …..


I’ve managed very little painting recently but tonight I decided to crack on with a couple of Trophies for winners of events at my local club.
First up is the Blood Bowl Knock Out trophy. I was knocked out in the first round but someone else will hopefully like this.20121213-213856.jpg

More Khemri

Posted: November 18, 2012 in Blood Bowl, Painting and Modelling

It’s been a busy week so not a lot of progress. However I did get a couple of Skeletons and a Throw-Ra done. I decided to use an Impact miniature for the Throw-Ra and a much darker scheme to make them look different.


Played my first game of Blood Bowl for a long time this evening. I enjoyed the game but was disappointed to find my Khemri team played in their usual style. They were doing fine fighting toe to toe with another undead team but when it came to picking up the bowl they just couldn’t do it! My opponents ghouls were basically the difference between the teams giving him the agility and speed needed to capitalise on my fumbles and run in two touch downs to nil.
It’s a shame as this is the pattern all my games follow with the Khemri. If it were not for the stadium I had made and the half painted team I would abandon them. However, I’m going to try and finish painting the team now I’ve started although you won’t be seeing much more action in the near future.


A couple of years ago I converted a Khemri Blood Bowl team but never got around to painting it. My local gaming group have just started a knock out cup competition so I thought I would break them out again. My Blood Bowl skills are limited to say the least, so I doubt I’ll make past the first round or two, but it’s a good excuse to finally paint some of these miniatures.
First up a couple of Ushabti that I converted for use as mummies. It’s a pretty simple job – I just removed their weapons – but I think it fits the fluff better than the traditional bandaged up cadaver approach. I’m aiming to get half the team painted for my first round match and if I get through to the second round I’ll do the other half….