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It appears my decision to take up Papa Nurgle and his buddies has won favour with the dark gods. This week I have been struck down with a hideous disease that has prevented me from doing much. As with all of Grandfather Nurgle’s blessings I will no doubt eventually emerge all the stronger but right now I can do little more than gibber and convulse under his tender touch. Unclean ….. Unclean …… (Sound of bell tolling in the background) 😦

Daemons. Oh sweet music to my ears. Daemons have always been my favourite gaming faction and probably always will be. I’ve made 40K and Fantasy armies for Tzeentch, Nurgle and Slaanesh in the past so logically Khorne should be next. However, upon the release of the new Daemon Codex I had a good look through my stash of Daemons and all I could see were the beautiful miniatures of Papa Nurgle.
I’ve decided to cash in my spare Labour thus month to make a Nurgle Daemon army. It will take more than a month to finish so I’m going run my Sedition Wars labour with it too and give me 2 months to nail both of them. At the moment I’m in the construct and base coating stage but I’ve made reasonable progress as can be seen below. I’ve gone for colours that should blend nicely with my Nurgly traitor guard army and my Lords of Chaos Traitor Marines. Add in my Slaanesh Daemons and that’s a whole lot if Chaos fun to be had over the next few months 🙂







We played a 4 way Battle Royale to decide the Dropzone Commander mini campaign this evening. The game was played on my custom board with the newly constructed PHR base. It was a great game with a very different feel as this was all about killing the enemy rather than taking objectives.
In the end the PHR won. The key moment came when my Athena stormed onto the board and gunned down one of the Scourges Desolators in spectacular fashion. I thanked the dice gods at the moment as the Shaltari would probably have gone on to win if I had not managed score sufficient damage to take down the flying squid.
Another massive thumbs up from me for this game. It’s quite remarkable how many different ways there are to play it and end up with a tense and balanced game. Also many thanks to my 3 opponents for getting stuck in and putting 3 beautiful armies on the board.














I’ve slyly painted up my first Ralgard vessel. What a great little model. Loads of well defined detail and character. I really enjoyed painting this and looking forward to doing the rest of the starter now. Hope you like the improvised blue shirt sea as well 😉