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I’ve been working on the metals for my Trollkin War Wagon this week. I thought I might take a close-up of the money making stage. I’m not sure the iPhone camera is up to capturing the nuances of the colours but have given it a go anyway.
After the previous stages this part of the process adds oxidation effects. All the colours are mixed with Vallejho verdigris and dabbed or smeared around folds and edges. The order of colour is : hawk turquoise, snake bite leather, liche purple. The effect is exaggerated at this stage as there will be more glazing, blending and highlighting to do before the final effect is achieved.




I have made a bit of progress on the War Wagon over the last couple of days. The base has been constructed and basically painted, while the metals have had the first two stages of weathering and shading.
The Trolls metals are quite interesting so I thought I might share how they are done. Firstly they get a black undercoat. Next step is to air brush with Alclad Pale Burnt metal paying attention to create a basic zenithal effect by spraying from a raised angle. After this a lighter zenithal style spray with Alclad Chrome adds a highlight and some interest. The final stage with the airbrush is to pick out some areas with Alclad Polished Brass. I cannot recommend Alclad metals enough. Although they are tricky to use (paint thinners are needed to clean up and dilute) the metal effect is superior to acrylic paint.
The weathering is done with an initial wash of Citadel Chestnut ink. The ink is then mixed with Ultramarines blue to give a dirty steel effect and this is washed into the folds and joins in the metal. There are a few more stages to this but that’s as far as I have got in the picture below. More to come soon….


Return match against Skorne

Posted: May 24, 2012 in Gaming, Khador

A rare midweek game saw Harkevich face off against eMakeda. This was also a home match so a good chance to get out my Khador themed scenery and Realm of Battle Board. The game looked great which is always a bonus.

The game started well for Harkevich as Black Ivan and the two weapons crews I had taken punched big holes in the advancing Praetorian Swordsmen. Unfortunately the steam roller that is Molik Kharn came down my right flank to engage two of my ‘jacks. At this stage it was a close game but Khador looked favourites to mop up and take the caster kill with the Winter Guard Death Star advancing on eMakeda.

What happened next was unexpected but dictated the final result. The Skorne Cannoneer lobbed a wild shot at Harkevich which scattered a country mile and landed on Kovnik Joe taking him out! This had a huge impact on the Winterguard and they subsequently failed to gun down eMakeda.
The clock was against us and we agreed to call the game a draw at this stage. A tough game but a good one with a fair result.

Occasionally I come across a model that is just so god damn sexy I just know I have to paint it! The trollkin war wagon is one of those beasts.
I’ve had the trollbloods on hold for a bit while I’ve been dabbling in Khador but I finally got my hands on a war wagon do its time to revisit the blue dudes.
Tonight I gave it the airbrush treatment and hopefully it won’t be too long before I can get this thing rolling across the battlefield. There be Skorne Titans to squish you know!


I’ve had these chaps on the painting table for a few weeks now. Progress has been slow and Eden distractions haven’t helped. They are nearly done now; just the metals and some base work to do.


3 way Moshpit Mayhem

Posted: May 15, 2012 in Gaming, Khador

This Sunday saw Karchev out the box and facing off against Saeryn and eMakeda in a Moshpit scenario.
It was a very intense game that lived up to the billing with everyone getting stuck in right in the middle.
Eventually eMakeda emerged victorious having killed Saeryn herself and forcing her Titan Gladiator to put the boot into Karchev.
Two things I learnt from this game. Firstly the Bronzeback is a bit of a beast. In particular his counter charge rule makes him a fearsome adversary in a tight space like the Moshpit. Secondly timed turns are a must in a multiplayer game. All three of us learnt a lot by discussing the rules and various options but it took some of the excitement out of the game and took too long to allow a second game that evening. Nonetheless a lot of fun and looking forward to more in the future.






Matriarchy gets an outing

Posted: May 12, 2012 in Eden, Gaming

Had a game of Eden this evening against a friend playing Jokers. I have a partially completed Matriarchy gang so decided to give the girls and their slaves a run out.
It was interesting to play a second faction and the Matriarchy were fun. In the end the Matriarchy came out clear winners probably helped by the fact I knew my opponents force so well.20120512-000511.jpg