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I’m nearing the end of my time on this labour and struggling to be honest. Recently I’ve been plugging away at the infantry. I’m trying to get about 150 models to a basic tabletop standard to crew the Mumaks and give me two reasonably large formations for support and to hide Khamul in. The priority now is to get the basing done and three basic colours on all the models.

The Mumaks have been given uniform howdahs and their bases are done. The Mumaks themselves are pretty much tabletop standard so this time I will be leaving them as they are. As they are the main focus of the army I’m pleased to have them done at least – just got to get the infantry done!



Another mini campaign game and this time up against the tricksy Shaltari. We played 1500 points and the objective of the game was to take 3 focal points in buildings.
I could see straight away the slow moving PHR were going to have problems contesting all three focal points so I set about destroying the most distant building holding a focal point. My lone Enyo proved invaluable in this role and spent the whole game edging forward gradually demolishing the buildings that needed to go. Definitely worth considering taking this model in a similar role again.
Mid game I felt as though I was going to get outgunned in the centre of the board going for the second focal point and the CBQ in the 3rd building holding a focal point was not going my way. I decided to demolish the second building and reload my expensive command squad into their drop ship to make a bid for the last objective.
It was another nail biting finish as we raced to the 3rd and final focal point but the faster Shaltari got more in the scoring zone to take the game. In hindsight I think I made an error not focusing all my fire on the enemy commander who was in the scoring zone but you live and learn.
A good game again and to finish a pic of the PHR in the early stages.


I’m delighted to say my PHR base picked up the Hawk Wargames January painting prize. I received in the post today a preproduction metal Athena which is rather sexy 🙂


There has been some interest in taking advantage of Spartan games Uncharted Seas promotion at my local club. The game looks fun and shouldn’t require a huge investment in time or money so I’ve decided to give it a go,
I discovered a couple of fleets I purchased on eBay some time ago in the loft but i really like the look of the Ralgard fleet. A quick scout around eBay and I found a cheap starter so I’ve decided to go with these guys.
The models look fab. Loads of detail and a nice oriental vibe to the fleet. The pic below is the untouched models out the box and I’m hoping it won’t take long to get these together and painted.


Over the last few days I got my Mumak herd together and prepared a 2K list for a game at my local club.
First a couple of pics to show the reposed head of one of the Mumaks. I decided to do two in a more aggressive pose to give the herd some variation. It’s actually a very simple conversion to chop some of the neck away and then resculpt the join with milliput.



In the game itself my opponent was very sporting in choosing a list heavy on cavalry and heroes to recreate the feel of the Pelennor fields battle from The Lord of the Rings films. In the pictures you can see how the herd lined up, stomped all over the enemy and in the latter stages broke to clear up the remaining enemy. My opponent did manage to take two of the beasts down but they did their job well.






I’m pleased that I finally got to field this list. It’s also good news that it was fun to play and while good I sense it is far from invincible. I’m going to struggle to get all the Mumaks, crew and a couple of infantry formations done by the end of the month but I should have a presentable 2K force by then.

There has been a stirring in Middle Earth at my local club following the Hobbit film. I’ve decided to tackle my War of the Ring labour this month in response.
The idea is get my herd of Mumaks and Haradrim army ready for the gaming table. They will not be done to an exacting standard rather just enough to look good enough to play with. I will return to them again in the future and make them gorge then.
Firstly I need to get the Mumaks together. Just by chance I had six tucked away in my WOTR stash which is exactly the right number for a maximum Warherd from the Battlehosts book. It also seems like a good number for a 2000 point list. I doubt it will be very good in game terms but it will be fun.
The pic below shows the six beasties in all their glory. Considering they were picked up dead cheap on eBay I was pleased to find everything is there apart from a few poles and a single trunk. A kebab stick took care of the poles and it shouldn’t be too hard to cast a trunk out of resin. I also popped the heads off a couple of models which I will sculpt back on at a different angle to give some variation to the herd.


Butcher does what he does best

Posted: February 12, 2013 in Gaming, Khador

Played a 35 point Warmachine game this weekend. It was a good game against Deneghra and the usual array of Cryx nasties.
I got of to a good start using a pair of Juggernauts to smash through the chicken vanguard that always seems to accompany the Warwitch. I also used Ironflesh to good effect on a pair of Eliminators who tied up a big unit of Bloodwitches.
Midway it was looking like the Butcher all the way but Deneghra did have a sneaky trick up her sleeve. She parried a Shocktrooper and ghost walked through a building to sneak up on the Butcher himself. Luckily with the focus gone on the spell and some poor dice the Butcher weathered the storm. It was a simple job for the big guy to turn round and take her out with two big chops.


More PHR

Posted: February 6, 2013 in Dropzone Commander, Painting and Modelling

Added a few more models to my PHR force. A couple of squads of Sirens, a pair of Odins and another Phobos.



Finished the base this week. At some point I will return to it and beautify some parts, but it’s good to game with. Looking at the various parts I think I’ve managed to stick to my goal of making it scaleless so all the bits should be usable for other Sci-fi games in the future. I’ve also revealed the secret below – the night fight option 🙂