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Played my first game of Bushido tonight. It was very good. Across the table 35 Rice of Temple of Ro- Kan commanded by Sam an experienced player ……. And just as well as I had little idea about the rules!
After running through the basics we launched into the Idol scenario. I made the early decision to focus on summoning Bakebonos to add to my horde while my big guy Kemono and Ushi would handle the melee.
As it turned out I had just the right number of Bakemono to generate the Ki I needed to summon a Bakemono each turn. Kemono and Ushi did the job brilliantly smashing through the Temple Ro-Kan monks with little trouble while the Bakemono hassled on the flanks patching up their casualties summoning from the darkness. After a couple of turns the Savage Wave were in a great position and it was just a matter of time before they had wiped out the opposition.
So, a win in my first game more by luck than judgement, but I enjoyed the game. I was lucky to have chosen enough Bakemono to summon an additional member to the horde each turn and this is something worth bearing in mind for the future. I also played very aggressively nearly always taking full attack dice. This meant I kept losing the Bakemono while Kemono and Ushi did take a beating, but in doing so they were able to whittle away the Ro- Kan and set up the win.
It’s a nice little game with a lot of character. I don’t think it has the depth of Warmahordes but I think it will be a quick and exciting game once the rules are mastered. A thumbs up from me.



My first game of Bushido is still yet to happen but it is penciled in two weeks from now. That should give me time to get a decent starter force painted. I’ve settled on 35 Rice of models plus an additional Bakemono which I believe I might need for summoning purposes. All of these models now have at least base colours and the bases done so are ready to use. I would like to have them all finished for the game though.
I couldn’t resist buying some Far East terrain as well. I picked up a Sarissa Precision Tori gate and Japanese style bridge. Nice kits although the bridge was a bit of a pig to glue together. There are also some nice Buddha statues that I picked up for just a couple of quid on eBay. A longer term project will be to make a board with a Japanese garden feel to it but I want to get the basics in place first.




Bushido – Savage Wave part 5

Posted: April 3, 2014 in Bushido

A little more progress on these guys so far this week. The big chap is only base coated and shadowed so lots of work still to be done. The Bakemono horde is coming along nicely though. Still hoping for a game this weekend so the priority may become base coating and basing up a 35 rice list.




Nearly finished the first Bakemono. I’ve been a bit experimental with the colours and base on this chap to inject a bit of interest into my painting which has been flagging recently. The highlights on the skin are warm complementaries to the base green colour. This has given the mini a slightly chaotic even messy look up close under bright light, but from a distance in more gentle light the effect is more appealing. The base too is something I wouldn’t usually do. I’ve tried to be bold and capture a colourful garden feel. All good fun and I’ll persevere. It will be interesting to see how the force looks finished and all together.


A bit more progress on the Savage Wave this evening. I quite like the Bakemono sculpts. I’ve gone for a Knarloc Green base colour and shadowed it with a mix of P3 Trollblood base and Liche Purple. The idea is this a cold colour close to the complementary for green.
For the bases I’m going for a Japanese ornamental garden feel. I’ve used some fragments of miniature bricks to create a paving effect.



I quite enjoyed browsing through the Bushido models on show at SMOGCON. A club mate mentioned they had painted up a few models so I thought I might as well dig out my stash of Savage Wave and get them ready for the table.
I don’t know much about this game or faction at the moment but as it’s a skirmish game I’ve just decided to get painting everything I have and I ‘ll worry about the force composition later. So, early stages of what I have below: