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The Nurgle Daemons came out to play again this weekend. Across the table a Blood Angel force heavy with Terminators.
The mission was Relic so I decided to deploy pretty much all of the daemons on the table and simply rush forward to grab the Relic. The Blood Angels seemed to have the same idea so it was going to boil down to a brutal scrap in the middle of the board.
The two forces clashed and it was a close thing until the Nurgle Daemon Prince who had been on tank hunting duty got his claws into the Space Marine Commander. He easily over powered the Space Marine and there was nothing to stop the Daemons taking the Relic for a good win.
It was a refreshingly straightforward scrap in the middle of the table. The Terminators were very durable and were having little trouble with my infantry but they just couldn’t stand up to the monstrous creatures. I’m getting more familiar with the Daemons now beginning to feel at ease with what they can and cannot do. Just need to paint the blighters !




Double whammy for the Trolls

Posted: September 19, 2013 in Gaming, Trollbloods

Two games of Warmahordes recently. Both ended badly for the Trolls but were great fun.

Game 1 saw Calandra beaten my Makeda. The Trolls played too defensively and handed the Skorne an easy win on the scenario.



The second game was much closer and saw Grim beaten narrowly by Vayl. In fact at one point Grim had netted Vayl with his snare gun and it looked like a group of plucky Pygs were going to blow her away. Unfortunately Vayl had a trick up her sleeve and an Angelius darted in to block the Pyg’s line of sight. Poor old Grim was left high and dry and was taken down next turn.
The Mountain King made his debut in this game and although he didn’t do a tremendous amount he was a credible threat so will be interested in using him again.



I’ve managed to find a bit of time to do some more work on the Mountain King’s base. Ignore the white splodge – that is water effect that is drying!
At the moment the base is too ‘cold’ it needs some ‘warm’ shades so I’ll be putting some mud and mossy green on next.
One particular point of interest is the fungus on the fallen log. Whilst out and about I came across an Oak that had some kind of small fungus on the leaves. I’m not sure what it is and I hope it’s not unpleasant as I grabbed a few leaves and brought them home.

A bit of gentle scalpel work was needed to remove them and make some nice fungal effect on the fallen log with minimum effort.


Edit: a quick bit of google-fu tells me that these are Spangle Galls. Apparently they eventually fall off the leaves and are the larvae of wasps. Hmmmm let’s hope I don’t regret this in a few months from now!

So, I have failed to complete this labour on time. I’m really struggling to find the time for modelling at the moment but I’m going to finish this guy before deciding what to do as the next Labour.
Just some work on the base recently. A few resin tree trunks, some cork rocks, some small stones for the forest floor and the focal point for the base a plaster cast of a krielstone. It’s not clear but I have also left a bare patch on the base next to the base of the krielstone where I’m going to model a small pool of water.



Nurgle Daemons take on Red Scorpions

Posted: September 2, 2013 in Daemons, Gaming

A game of 40K this evening. Across the table 1.75K of very nicely painted Red Scorpions. I felt a bit embarrassed as my Daemons are only partially fit for the table and I really must get them up to scratch.
Anyway, the game was a good one and although we only played 4 turns each the Daemons were in a strong position at the end. I played the Daemons more aggressively than I have in the past keeping most of them off the table and then striking them in as deeply as I could using the icons. The Plague Drones were the stars of the show and the Daemon Prince I used wasn’t too shabby either.
It was good to play 40K again. It took a couple of turns to get back in the zone but I did enjoy putting my Daemons out there again. I’ve another game booked in 3 weeks for now so I will endeavour to get the army up to scratch for that outing.