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The three Bombadiers complete Karchev’s tier 4 list. I’m very pleased to have 35 points finished and I’m really enjoying this list on the table too.
Next up will be the Butcher so I have a second caster.



Finished up my maximum unit of Mechaniks. Well worth having those extra couple of guys to keep Karchev and his chums in the game as long as possible.


Karchev completes the hat-trick

Posted: January 25, 2012 in Gaming, Khador

Karchev faced off against Retribution’s Rayvn this week. A 35pt game so I used the tier 4 list I am trying to make my own. The Retribution force contained a few nasty choices such as Mage Hunters and an Assassin so I was expecting a tricksy game where it would be important to engage with the enemy quickly and decisively. Any messing around would mean Karchev and co. getting shot to pieces.
As it turns out I completely fluffed my first turn trying to be too clever in using Karchev’s tow trick and a Ternion blizzard to screen the battlegroup. This resulted in a traffic jam and a juggernaut blocking Karchev’s run move next turn. A bad start which got worse as the Retribution gun line opened up and started chipping away at my guys.
In my next turn I decided it would be best just to get everything into the face of the Retribution and hope the Khadorian armour would stand up to a round of shooting before I could get my charge moves in. As it turns out I managed to whether the storm of the Retribution turn and had my chance to strike.
The Kodiak had an assassination run on Ravyn but unfortunately Karchev sprayed him while trying to knock down Ravyn with fissure. This of course meant the Kodiak was knocked down and left me with a very red face. A school boy error I really must never repeat. Luckily my other models began to take their toll on the Retribution gun line and I finished in a reasonable position.
The Retribution had a go at assassinating Karchev and he looked in trouble when some battle mages knocked him down. Ravyn made her move and knocked some of the stuffing out of him and the assassin also had a go. Fortunately the damage rolls were not enough to finish the man in the machine.
Next turn it was a simple job to get the Mechaniks into position to repair Karchev and he stood up to smash Ravyn into oblivion with a couple of mighty blows from his axe.
A close game and I made a couple of awful mistakes by trying to be to clever. I learnt that playing a simple and aggressive strategy is likely the best way to go and that suits me just fine!



Khador terrain

Posted: January 23, 2012 in Khador, Painting and Modelling

I’ve been working on some themed terrain to go with my Khador force. I managed to get a picture at my local club night. I tried to go for an industrial/supply station feel with a smelter and warehouse making up the two centre pieces. In the centre of the table there is a large scale Sorsha resin that makes a nice bronze sculpture.


Karchev marches on

Posted: January 16, 2012 in Gaming, Khador

The planned encounter with the Circle Orboros was postponed as they were waylaid and beaten up by some Cryx (and Cygnar) lurking in the wood. Luckily Karchev spotted a cheeky band of Skorne warriors lead by pMakeda, so he would have his fun after all.
I have not played Ken and his Skorne yet, so this was not an unwelcome change of plan. The game was 20 points so there would be no tier list for Karchev this time, instead I took two juggys, a Kodiak and max Mechaniks. Ken seemed intimidated by the big guys and put his light beasts away in favour of a Canoneer and a Gladiator.
The plan was simple: use ‘tow’ to sling-shot my jacks into the elephants; make elephant burgers; add squishy infantry garnish on top. And that’s basically how it went. I did make a mistake with the Kodiak electing to make a double handed throw at Makeda when his chain attack came off against the Gladiator. Last week this worked a treat on Magnus, but Makeda is a more slippery customer, so, as I expected, he missed and let the Gladiator off the hook. To make matters worse the Gladiator shook off the knock down and slammed the Kodiak. Throw power attacks certainly have their place, but I do need to be more discriminating in their use!
In the final stages of the game I repeated my mistake of last time by not allocating focus at the start of my turn. That meant my juggers failed to get into a position to protect Karchev. Madeka had a charge on the big guy and carrying near full fury I expected him to take a pummelling. Luckily Ken’s dice were even worse than my generalship and she failed to inflict any damage at all, even with several attacks! Karchev had little trouble putting axe to face and it was all over for the Skorne.



I left the liquid milliput for 24 hours and nervously returned to see the results. The milliput has dried hard and the gaps are on the whole very well filled. The milliput is a tad smoother than the greenstuff I have used in the past and there is less overspill onto the parts of the miniature that didn’t need it. Good stuff!

One of the great things about milliput is that it can be sanded, so I set about the treated areas with a file to remove excess and smooth the surfaces. The milliput sanded very nicely and I was able to remove any excess very easily.

Overall I’m very pleased with the results and will certainly be using this method rather than greenstuff in the future.

Liquid milliput

Posted: January 12, 2012 in Painting and Modelling

Since the Games Workshop fine-cast debacle I have been reading a lot about liquid milliput. The name says it all – milliput in the liquid state. It is designed to run into cracks and holes to mask imperfections, and with fine cast being more prone to these problems that any other casting medium, it’s surely more than coincidence they are selling the stuff now (or is it liquid green stuff? The difference is not important in this context.)
During my research I read about a neat trick that avoids the need to buy the stuff in a bottle. Simply mix up some standard milliput, make a well in the centre, add some water, and hey presto, a little pool of your very own liquid milliput. I thought I would give it a go and the brown blob in the picture below is the result after about an hour of use. I used terracotta milliput by the way, hence the slightly unusual colour.
The one stage of painting miniatures I loathe is the preparation. Filling gaps and covering imperfect areas is a particular bugbear of mine. I do know that this is a weakness in my mini painting and I would like to improve this aspect of my modelling. The second picture shows my first attempt at filling gaps with the liquid milliput. I washed the milliput into the gaps as one might do with a thick paint wash and applied several coats. For the bigger gaps I used a much thicker solution of the milliput, and I believe the ability to control the mix may be an advantage to the well method described above.
I’m pleased with the results but won’t know how successful they have been until I tidy up the joints and begin painting.