Nurgle Daemons defeat Blood Angels

Posted: September 26, 2013 in 40k, Daemons, Gaming, Uncategorized

The Nurgle Daemons came out to play again this weekend. Across the table a Blood Angel force heavy with Terminators.
The mission was Relic so I decided to deploy pretty much all of the daemons on the table and simply rush forward to grab the Relic. The Blood Angels seemed to have the same idea so it was going to boil down to a brutal scrap in the middle of the board.
The two forces clashed and it was a close thing until the Nurgle Daemon Prince who had been on tank hunting duty got his claws into the Space Marine Commander. He easily over powered the Space Marine and there was nothing to stop the Daemons taking the Relic for a good win.
It was a refreshingly straightforward scrap in the middle of the table. The Terminators were very durable and were having little trouble with my infantry but they just couldn’t stand up to the monstrous creatures. I’m getting more familiar with the Daemons now beginning to feel at ease with what they can and cannot do. Just need to paint the blighters !




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