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I’ve preordered my 6th Edition 40K book and decided to complete a project that went on hold about a year ago. When 40k was my game of choice I constructed a Dark Eldar army based on a Wyche cult. However I always felt that that I really wanted to do a Haemonculus Coven as my first choice. At the time the required models had not been released by Games Workshop, but things have changed since then. I have purchased the required models and with some trepidation am looking forward to revisiting the 40k Universe.




Gunnbjorn Triumphant!

Posted: June 28, 2012 in Gaming, Trollbloods

Gunnbjorn made a rare appearance against the Retribution this week. Backed up by 2 Diretroll Bombers he romped to an easy victory. In the pic below both Bombers have opened up on the Retribution ‘caster cowering behind the ‘angry cricket’. With the help of Gunny’s Guided Fire spell the game was all over.


6th is on the way…..

Posted: June 22, 2012 in 40k, Dark Eldar

40k 6th is out very soon. I will have a lot more to say about this over the coming weeks but for the moment here are the beginnings of the a Haemonculus Coven I want to add to my Dark Eldar army.


This weekend I managed to get in two games. God bless fathers day!
First up I faced an old adversary in the form of pDeneghra. I decided upon Calandra as my Warlock and popped the Battlewagon into the list to give it a run out. Midway through the game Calandra and her plucky Trolls looked to be ahead, but sneaky old Deneghra had other plans. Coming forward I was taken by surprise when she used Parry to walk out of the Pygmy trap I had set her. She moved within range of the Gypsy troll and loaded with focus had no trouble taking her down. The Battlewagon did very little in the game as it got tied up beating up a pair of Cryx chickens, but it certainly created a bubble around it and became the target of Deneghra’s spell Crippling Grasp saving some of my other trolls from this fate.
In the second game I played a three way mosh pit against Skorne and Legion. The game was short and a bit of a non event with a Skorne Titan having to simply slam a Scythean out the pit to take an easy win at the start of turn 3. Whoops, must remember to get some Trolls in the ring next time!


Some pics of the terrain and tables at the recent Evening In Eden.




I had a strange urge to construct a horde of Trollkin this evening! I will probably regret this in the near future as there are so many other cool projects on my radar, but, nonetheless, I pressed on constructing and undercoating the following:

10 Kriel warriors with standard, piper and 3 caber tossers.
10 Fennblades with officer and drummer.
2 Scatter gunners and officer and standard.
3 Rune Shapers
1 p Hoarluck
1 Jarl
1 e Madrack

I don’t plan on painting this lot in a rush but I would like to get some base colours on them and try some different Troll lists over the coming weeks.


An Evening in Eden

Posted: June 12, 2012 in Eden, Gaming, Tournaments

On Sunday the time finally came for the Evening in Eden event. 6 troops turned up and 2 games each were played.
I am pleased to be able to say that Grigoriy and his Jokers took the top spot on VPs following solid victories over a Matriarchy then ISC troop.
It was a great evening but I only have one pic to show of the Bamaka clan taking on the Matriarchy. I am hoping to steal some more from another participant in the near future.