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Finished the starter set today. Photos below are on tiles from the Dropzone Commander Cityscape.






And that closes this Labour.

Having said that this army is certainly not fully playable at the moment. I’m going to add some more next month and the Cityscape will be featuring too.

Had precious little modelling time recently but I have managed some progress on the UCM. Three infantry stands done and another 3 plus transports on the way.
If I can get these done that will be the starter set and Labour done. Realistically the force won’t be playable like this though. I will need a Kodiak another infantry group and some more armour to get to at least 1K and have enough for a game. I’ll be pressing on with that as well as the next labour in June.


Finished some Sabres and Rapiers plus transports. If I can get the contents of the starter done by the end of the month I’ll consider this a success. Any more will be a bonus.




Neeeeeeeeeeawwwwwwwwwwww! dakadakadakadakadakadakadaka
The airforce have arrived.


The flyers were airbrushed with Alclad Polished Aluminium. I’ve not used it before but it has produced a really nice smooth finish just right for aircraft. The colours in the picture are very distorted – these look better in real life, honest! The drone launcher is a really nice model with some funky moving parts. However, having had a lot of grief with my PHR I’m tending not to magnetise the models this time. It’s nice to have the option of loading them on the drop ships but at the end of the day I’m not sure it’s worth the hassle, especially for the models that need a lot of converting.

I’ve been thinking about the colour scheme for my UCM this week. Initially i quite liked the idea of a khaki and black scheme or an urban camo of some kind. Each time I looked at examples though I kept coming back to the green scheme in the book. It contrasts well with the typically greys of the roads and buildings found in the game and looks like an uncomplicated futuristic military. I also invested a lot of time in various shading and highlighting on my PHR, but at this scale it simply isn’t terribly appropriate or visible.
For all these reasons I’ve decided to go with an unfussy plain green scheme. I gave all the models a spray of Army Painter Army Green this evening. Next I plan to paint in the metallics then I will give them all a fairly heavy wash of some kind to darken the green, shade the recesses and add a bit of dirt.


Played a 2nd game of Sedition Wars this evening. This time I feel we got the rules right and started to get to grip with the tactics of the game.
In a nutshell there is an intriguing tension between the need for the Vanguard to kill the Strain models and that by doing this they are providing the Strain with the nano virus they need to construct their own win. I feel this could the key to understanding the game and is what is going to make the game interesting in the long term.
In our game my opponent Ken started out by butchering most of my models but we realised this was giving me with the nano I needed to infect corpses and hence fulfil my own mission. All the while the Strain were gradually chipping away at the superior Vanguard models.
By the time the Vanguard had made a run for it and sufficient progress to threaten their objective, there were only two Samaritans left and they were surrounded by reanimated Revenants. The Revenants overwhelmed the hapless heroes and they were left bleeding to death of the deck of the Alabaster. A grim end indeed!
I’m looking forward to exploring more about this game in the future. 🙂





Although I’ve been posting about my Sedition Wars and Nurgle Daemons Labours, I’ve also been covertly planning to retake the Earth with a UCM force.
Tonight I can reveal the secret army that is being assembled to wipe the alien filth from the mother planet! I’ve managed to trade and barter my way to a sizeable 2nd hand UCM force and its all assembled ready for painting.


A good night for finishing projects tonight. Here we have the final model in my horde of Nurgle daemons – the mighty Ku’ugath complete with portable lab.
I had a lot of fun putting this conversion together. I’ve magnetised him so he can go on a large oval base and be used as a standard Great Unclean One or he can perch on his palaquin and take on the persona of Ku’ugath himself.
So, all the daemons are now constructed and base coated. I’m hoping to paint them gradually over the next few months and find the time to pop them out for a game at least once a month. It would be nice to aspire to get one squad or sizeable monster done for each game but we will have to see how the other labours pan out.20130510-220035.jpg20130510-220045.jpg


A few days late but I have finished the models to play the first mission in the box set now. Not a mega job but a reasonably fast and gribbly tabletop standard for these Strain.
I’m looking forward to playing again this Sunday having swotted up on the faqs. I did consider trying to get enough models together for the 2nd mission too but at double the points that will have to wait a bit now.
So, that’s labour 10 knocked off the list 🙂



I’ve now finished the construction and base coating of the Nurgle Daemons so happy to declare this labour done. Woo hoo! More pics to come as I play and paint the army over the coming weeks and months.
I did get a little side tracked and started some chaos themed scenery to go with the army. The pick of this stuff has to be these rather lovely resin mushrooms I found in an eBay store. Just right for papa Nurgle’s garden.