Strain have their revenge

Posted: May 13, 2013 in Gaming, Sedition Wars

Played a 2nd game of Sedition Wars this evening. This time I feel we got the rules right and started to get to grip with the tactics of the game.
In a nutshell there is an intriguing tension between the need for the Vanguard to kill the Strain models and that by doing this they are providing the Strain with the nano virus they need to construct their own win. I feel this could the key to understanding the game and is what is going to make the game interesting in the long term.
In our game my opponent Ken started out by butchering most of my models but we realised this was giving me with the nano I needed to infect corpses and hence fulfil my own mission. All the while the Strain were gradually chipping away at the superior Vanguard models.
By the time the Vanguard had made a run for it and sufficient progress to threaten their objective, there were only two Samaritans left and they were surrounded by reanimated Revenants. The Revenants overwhelmed the hapless heroes and they were left bleeding to death of the deck of the Alabaster. A grim end indeed!
I’m looking forward to exploring more about this game in the future. 🙂






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