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I had my first game of Dropzone Commander this weekend. It was a small game around 600pts designed as an exercise in familiarisation with the rules.
It turned out to be a highly entertaining game that swung back and forth as we attempted to recover intelligence from the buildings on the board.
At the end of the game we drew on Victory points but the PHR narrowly won on kill points. The big learning point for me was the need to take plenty more anti-aircraft weaponry as my single AA walker was quickly targeted and taken down by the Shaltari. This gave their aircraft pretty much free reign of the table. On the other hand I had taken a lot of infantry and it became apparent that infantry can be key to securing objectives and are surprisingly versatile and resilient.
I really enjoyed the game and the rules seemed to work very well to boot. Looking forward to playing a lot more of this over the coming months.




I painted a Neptune medium drop ship for my PHR this week. It was a simple model to paint with some beautiful curves. In the second pic it is carrying a couple of magnetised Walkers.



This Sunday was a double bill of gaming and the second game saw my Jokers take the trophy in the local club Eden mini-campaign.
In the final game I played the Bamaka clan and the scenario that required me to loot his dead. I fully expected to lose this game as the Bamaka are small in number and very able in melee. With this in mind I deployed all the jokers close together hoping to overwhelm one of the Bamaka and concentrate on looting that model. My opponent deployed his models similarly straight across the board.

In the event this rather strange deployment worked a treat for the Jokers. Shielded by Stipan’s ‘Insulting Belch’ debuff the Jokers were able to stand toe to toe with the ferocious mutants and eventually take a couple down. As the rest fled for the hills the Jokers were free to loot the dead and walk away with a massive number of VPs.

This very healthy win sealed the Campaign for the Joker gang. All that remains is for me to make the trophy!

This Sunday I played in the local club Warmahordes league final. I knew I would be facing a very tough opponent and a brick of Skorne armour, so I opted for pIrusk and as much infantry filth that I could squeeze into 35 points as possible.
We opted for 7 minute turns and the grind fest began. Using Iron-flesh and the special abilities of the Winterguard and Kayazy I presented a very agile tar pit of infantry for the Skorne to fight through. I hoped to either Airburst, Bombard or kayazy mini-feat my opponents ‘caster to death as I knew I would not be able to break down his wall of armoured infantry and beasts.
The game went on at a frantic pace for two hours until pIrusk faced off against a badly beaten pXerxes and a wall of Cetrati warriors.
Sadly the Khadorian did not stand up to their combined charge and he was taken down brave in his service to the motherland.
It was a hell of a game and a taste of Warmachine played at a highly competitive level. I am very pleased to have reached the club final and perhaps next time I can take the title.



With a couple of club mates interested in playing the game I thought it might be wise to start making some buildings.
The manufacturers have very sensibly made free templates available for download and it was a simple job to print off half a dozen buildings of various shapes and sizes. I want my buildings to remain cheap and cheerful, but I do want them to be more robust than standard card. To that end I cut some foam board into the required dimensions and used it to add some strength to the printed paper templates.
To be honest I haven’t spent as much time as I should have making the two buildings shown below so they are a bit ropey. If I enjoy the game I will invest in some of the resin models the manufacturers have promised but until then these will be just fine. More to come!