Labour 12 – Back to Papa Nurgle – Part 10 – Ku’ugath and the labour wrapped up

Posted: May 10, 2013 in Daemons, Painting and Modelling, The 12 Labours of NoB

A good night for finishing projects tonight. Here we have the final model in my horde of Nurgle daemons – the mighty Ku’ugath complete with portable lab.
I had a lot of fun putting this conversion together. I’ve magnetised him so he can go on a large oval base and be used as a standard Great Unclean One or he can perch on his palaquin and take on the persona of Ku’ugath himself.
So, all the daemons are now constructed and base coated. I’m hoping to paint them gradually over the next few months and find the time to pop them out for a game at least once a month. It would be nice to aspire to get one squad or sizeable monster done for each game but we will have to see how the other labours pan out.20130510-220035.jpg20130510-220045.jpg



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