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I do love a bit of Warmahordes and this weekend I got to take on Rhyas and her blighted Legion. I had selected Grim Angus for his toolbox of abilities and as dirty a list as I could muster as I have a lot of trouble besting the Legion.

I adopted a defensive stand in the game hoping to whittle down the Legion and rely on my Trolls staying power in the latter stages. The strategy was working until my Bombers were forced to charge a Scythean and Carnivean. Sadly they lacked the punch to take these scary beasts out and in the next turn both went down to the big hitting Legion beasts.

It looked like game over when Grim was cornered by the Carnivean but he survived the attack, rode the free strike as he slipped away, and netted Rhyas with his snare gun. It was just down to the Pygs and Scattergunners to take down the fettered Warlock and it was a great relief when they managed to finish her off.

Very chuffed to bag a win against the Legion in such good style 🙂


The last two Pygs are just enough to take down the snared Rhyas.


The Jokers faced the Latex Lasses (Matriarchy) in my second mini-campaign game. This time the scenario was The Trap.

Just like the last game it was very tight but I managed to eek out a 90 to 85 Vp win thanks to Grigory staying out of the action during most of the game and thus remaining unwounded to score a vital 10 Vp at the end. I also used Yuri as gang leader which I have not done for a while and I was impressed with his knifes and tricksy dodging.


I’ve working on some Wracks recently. For these guys I have tried to create a horrific sinister feel but also tried to use the purple and brass colours that appeared on the Wyches I have done previously. I’m quite pleased with these but have to say I didn’t enjoy dealing with finecast.

There are a few interesting techniques I’ve used on these including blood and gore with Uhu glue and Tamiya colours, and vallejo water effect plus day-glo paint. I may take some pics of these in progress next time.




40K 6th – A second game

Posted: July 19, 2012 in 40k, Dark Eldar, Gaming

Had a second game of 6th this week. No pictures as I forgot to take any. The game was a pretty good model of how 6th Edition tournaments will work with 1750pts on each side and most of the rules in the book in use apart from scenary placement.

My opponent took a dirty combo of Dark Angels with Guard allies. It was a well thought out list designed to win games and it did not disappoint. The important thing for me was just to get back a bit further into the 40K groove and learn more about 6th.

I’ve painting more Jokers for the club mini campaign ‘A Dangerous Eutopia’.

Below I present Boris and Mishka. Boris appears to be a pied piper of Hamelin type character in that his music box seems to allow him to control animals. One of his special abilities involves summoning a swarm of rats so I purchased the plastic D&D rat swarm which is rather nice. Mishka is just a big meat shield of a bear but I rather like the model, especially the futuristic goggles.

As it turns out I fielded these two against an ISC force in the first campaign game and narrowly lost. Sadly Mishka was killed so the lovable bear won’t be appearing in the campaign again. Doh!




Played an eventful first game of 6th Edition 40K tonight. I left my Rulebook behind but luckily remembered most of the new rules and was rescued by a spare copy being made available!

The game itself was experimental in that we just put two 1750pt forces on the table and clashed them together to try the rules out. The seems not too different to 5th edition but there are notable changes in the detail.

Firstly, melee and shooting is more complicated and time consuming. However I feel it is more realistic and introduced more tactical positioning into the game. Secondly, flyers have a new set of rules which makes them much harder to take down but at the expense of some of their manoeuvreability – I liked how this played out in practice and it made more sense in terms of the realism of flyers in the game. Thirdly, assault infantry are going to find the going tougher in this edition due to transports becoming squisher (see next point) and over-watch. Finally, it’s quite clear that vehicles, apart from flyers, are going to be easier to take out – this is going to be frustrating to begin, with but I believe will be good for the game in the long run.

I enjoyed getting my Dark Eldar out after a year off the gaming table and will certainly be playing some more 40K. I don’t intend to play as competitively as I might have done in the past – I think Warmahordes is better for that – but I think I will enjoy exploring the new options and painting more of the rather lovely models. Overall it’s a thumbs up from me for the new rules