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I’ve been completely rubbish at updating this blog recently. My painting has almost completely dried up although I am managaging a few games here and there.
Changes in real-life mean that my relationship with gaming is changing and it’s time to bite that bullet. This blog was primarily created as a way of sharing my painting projects but there is little to report on that front and this is a situation which is not likely to change in the near future. I still intend to game as often as possible but lengthy and ambitious modelling projects will be off the agenda for the time-being.
I’ve posted some pictures below of recent games and I will occasionally post more, but for now it’s time to sign-off. I’m sure I’ll be back as modelling is a passion of mine but it is a time-sink I cannot justify at the present. Ttfn





2015 : Year in Review

Posted: December 31, 2015 in Uncategorized

Another year of gaming has passed and it’s generally been a good one. I continue to be amazed by the sheer number of excellent games, models and accessories that are available. It does not seem so long ago that there was only really Warhammer Fantasy and 40K as genuinely well supported and popular games. Long may this last and I’m looking forward to even more diverse gaming in 2016 including a return to Dropzone Commander and the new Dropfleet Commander that I have backed with a club mate.

Getting the negatives out of the way first I must say I’ve found it increasingly difficult to reconcile family, work and gaming so it is a truism that the amount of time I am able to devote to painting. modelling and tournament play has fallen dramatically. I’ve prided myself on being a very good painter and reasonable completive player but increasingly I’m having to settle for less than my best and my skills and motivation on this front are waning. The most obvious symptom of this was my failure to take part in the tournament play at SMOGCON and failure to win anything in the P3 painting contest. This state of affairs is unlikely to change in the medium term, but I am thankful for being able to attend my local club on a regular basis to play a good selection of games.
And local gaming is where the positives have been for me this year. 2015 has been all about four really good systems that I have managed to invest a decent amount of time and energy to. I’ve enjoyed some great games with some great people (you know who you are!) in Warmahordes, Infinity, Batman and Kingdom of Death: Monster. I’ve played a couple of other systems too, but these four have commanded the majority of my time.

Warmahordes remains by preferred system for competitive play and I’m looking forward to updating my Trolls in the lead up to SMOGCON 2016. It is a blessed relief and a great credit to Privateer Press that the game has remained steady and balanced for a number of years, and where there have been problems they are skillfully dealt with via FAQ and new releases. For me Warmahordes is by far the most developed and well thought out product available to the gaming community and I don’t see that changing in 2016.

The arrival of Infinity N3 was much anticipated and the game itself is better for the new edition. The new rule set is clearer yet even deeper pushing the envelope for futuristic skirmish gaming even further. Much like Warmahordes I do find it to be a brutal alpha strike game and it can be disheartening if you get off to a bad start. Whereas I feel I’ve cracked Warmahordes and can hold my own I still don’t feel on top of Infinity. Perhaps for this reason I continue to bang the drum that says this game is really best seen as an immersive campaign setting rather than a pick-up and play competitive system – I’m aware many disagree with this interpretation. I’m certainly going to want to come back to Infinity in 2016 and I’m still waiting on a Kickstarter for some really nice pre-painted terrain that I will likely use a spring-board back into this game.

In contrast to the punishing alpha strike nature of Warmahordes and Infinity, the Batman miniature game has been a breath of fresh air and the best surprise of 2015. Like many gamers I was attracted by the familiar setting and cool models but the system itself is very, very good. The rules are interesting and cinematic in creating a ‘beat ‘em up’ feel rather than a massacre in which everyone dies. This makes it a lot of fun and much more forgiving, while remaining viable for competitive play. In addition I’ve already bought some models in anticipation of the Spiderman game which is due for release soon, although I’ll probably hold on playing this until there is a better selection of choices for forces. I also really enjoyed making my Arkham Asylum for this game and that particular project has to go down as my most ambitious and original this year.

Finally, and by far the most anticipated game, Kingdom of Death: Monster. For me this has raised the bar in terms of board gaming by effectively offering a self-running role-play game. My gaming roots are in role-play but over the years I’ve lost the youthful imagination and creativity needed to generate and then maintain a vivid fantasy (sad I know!), which is why I find wargaming much easier to access. The great news is that KOD tells the story as you play it. The rules are fairly thin (in a good way) and I would imagine it would be possible to break the game through careful analysis, but that’s not the point for me. What this game is all about is getting a group of gamers around a table and having fun in a grim unforgiving world. It needs a dark sense of humour and the perseverance to get up and give it another go when things go wrong, but if you have that it is a beautifully conceived universe to lose yourself in.

So, there we have it for 2015. Less painting and modelling but a healthy amount of gaming. I’m optimistic about 2016 and as mentioned my predictions for 2016 include Trolls at SMOGCON, Dropfleet Commander in the Summer, Batman and Spiderman and more Kingdom of Death: Monster. There are lots of other games to take further too including All Quiet on the Martian Front, X-Wing and Armada to mention just three. Just too much to choose from 🙂

Late in the afternoon of the second day I grabbed a game against a Skorne player. The chap was a nice guy from Norway and he was playing a Xerxes list with heavy infantry spam. It’s a type of list I have seen before but he had taken two units of Incendari.

There was a forest near the centre of the board so I decided to go with Grim Angus. We closed on each other in the initial exchanges and it look fairly even.

Unfortunately I made a big mistake not using Grim’s fear to stop charges and with the Skorne heavy infantry I the centre of the table sporting weapon master I lost the Mountain King and Bomber very quickly. Another loss but it was good to play a pleasant over-seas opponent. 

In the evening we went for a curry (and a damn good one too!). Before coming back to hear all about the new Gargantuan’s release. There was a really good atmosphere in the room as the PP guys introduced the video. The new Gargantuans were much better than the new Colossals. The Desert Hydra in particular caught the imagination of the audience and it looks like a really exciting new addition for the Skorne.

SMOGCON 2015 – part 3

Posted: March 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

In the evening of the first day we spent a bit of time soaking up the atmosphere. There were some nice armies on display and I took the opportunity to watch a hardcore game between A Cryx and Circle army. The Cryx player was using a list composed of mainly ghostly models and made no secret of the fact he was playing a Mage Hunting strategy. The Circle player had a list similar to mine but led by Kruger. It was interesting to note how both armies pressed forward but Kruger was able to gain the upper hand popping feat and driving the Cryx back. Wrong footed the Cryx were not as effective in their turn as they should have been and the Circle player was able to punch a hole to the ‘caster and teleport a Stalker then Ghetorix via a Stones for a brutal assassination.

Day 2 started with a good lie in – a rare luxury for me these days. I eventually got up enjoyed a bit of painting and wandered around the venue.

I had a chance to sit in on a seminar on the Cosmology of the Iron Kingdoms delivered by Doug from PP. I learnt a lot about the religions of the Iron Kingdom and the talk was delivered with good humour. There were a few holes in the story but these were quite deliberate to leave room for interpretation, conflict and future development. 

Extreme Ghetorix – part 4

Posted: December 25, 2014 in Uncategorized

This evening the right leg, right arm and a little of the right torso had some attention. I also done a little more on the axe including some verdigris and gluing it in position. I also did the spiky bits on the arm and tail a very deep dark blue/brown colour. Finally, I’ve made a start on the base. I’m thinking of keeping this very simple; very nearly mono-tone cold browny grey (mix of scorched brown and Vallejo pale grey) . I’m hoping this will contrast well with the warmer tones of the Ghetorix’s body and will produce the feel of a spooky forest.


It’s been a very long time since I picked up a paint brush. I’ve been a bit of a workaholic over the last couple of months so it was a nice change to put that aside, pour a glass of wine and get back to my Ghetorix. Luckily I had the foresight to make a note of base colour I used (Snakebite leather) so I was able to get started on some shadows.

For the shadow tones I used three layers : Snakebite with a touch of Hormagaunt purple; same again with a touch of Mordian blue and finally some purple and blue without the Snakebite. I’m pretty happy with the result – I also managed some Scroched brown on the cloth and helmet. Looking forward to getting back to this chap again sooner rather than later!


Mars Attacks!

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Well, it’s been far too long since I’ve done anything gaming related! The last couple of months have been dominated by a number of projects at work but I am hoping to find time for gaming again over the next few weeks.
To ease myself back in gently a game of Mars Attacks with an old mate this evening. I’ve had an eye on this for a while so it was nice to give it a whirl.

Initially we set up the matt and ruins which was a fairly simple job. The plastic terrain is quite nice and the felt matt was good quality. The miniatures are ok for a mass production game, the Martians and their natty helmets being the pick of the bunch. The cards and counters are good quality and enhanced the gameplay. For this game I played the U.S. Army and it quickly became apparent that the longer ranged rifles and machine guns were going to be key factor in defeating the Martians. The Martians proved to be more durable at range, but in the scenario we played were they were out numbered and seemed to be at a disadvantage. It has to be said that I enjoyed some outrageous luck but even so the Martians just didn’t seem capable of generating a credible threat. The gameplay was simple and intuitive but with enough tactical variation to make it interesting. The crazy event cards were fun and added a random element to proceedings which kept interest levels up. I was interested to note that Mantic are using the exploding dice mechanic beloved of Spartan Games and this was a fun aspect too. In the end the U.S. Army ran out victors 8 pts to 2.


So, a thumbs up from me. Not a traditional tabletop skirmish game or a board game, it lies somewhere in between. As a pretzels and beer game it has potential and I liked the Martian miniatures. I will be interested to see how this develops over the months and possibly years to come.

In the Infinity campaign I have been taking part in I have particularly enjoyed the missions with secret objective points. I thought I might have a go at making some cheap and cheerful ones of my own. As it happens I recently treated my daughter to a Kinder Egg and I noticed that the plastic case might be just the job. It looks fairly futuristic, it’s cheap, and you pop the lid off to reveal the surprise inside! Rather than eating a load of Kinder eggs (admittedly that would have been quite enjoyable although not very healthy!) I turned to my favourite emporium of cheap and wonderful things, eBay. Lo and behold lots of Kinder Egg cases available there so I picked up a bag of 20. The next challenge was to give them a bit of weight in the bottom in order that they might stand up. I decided to mix up some resin and simply pour it in the bottom of the cases. Voila, instant weeble style secret objective point that even provides a bit of table top cover 🙂



Circle take on Trolls

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I haven’t played Warmahordes for quite some time. This evening I got the Circle out to take on some Trolls. 50 points, which in hindsight was a bit ambitious for a refresher game, and a good game. If followed a fairly typical pattern with the Circle hitting first and making a decent impression on the Trolls. I did make one error in directing a beserking Stalker into a gaggle of Champions. Little did I know that they would be so durable and he was only able to take a couple out. The trolls, a little shaken, retaliated and boy did those Champions hit hard! I saw all three heavies I had taken go down as Pygs, Champions and mish-mash of other infantry laid into them.
At this point the advantage was with the trolls and Kromac was forced to consider a reckless assasination run on eMadrak. The Troll warrior was well procted by two Champions and had camped 3 focus to boot. We decided at this point to call it a day but truth me known the Trolls would have polished off the remaining Circle had we played on.
It was a good game and a useful reminder of what I still consider to be the number one pick and play system. The learning point for me is just how hard Champions are and not to go after them with the Stalker. Perhaps I should consider some for my Trolls 😉

EDIT : Sadly no pictures this time as my iphone and WordPress have decided to play silly buggers. Oh well . . .

Happy with the insectoid effect I’ve pressed on with this model this evening.