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More progress on Bruce. I will probably regret this but I’ve stuck his chains and Whelps on. I felt this was necessary so I could get the shading and highlights done right but they are a bit fragile to say the least. It may become necessary to gently bend the chains flush against the model especially for storage but we will see how that goes.
The base is just a big chunk of cork from an ikea matt at the moment. Lots more to come in that area.


Been very busy with real life recently so little progress has been made with the Mountain King. This is going to be another rather half hearted attempt at a labour but if I can at least finish Bruce I’ll be happy.
So, a further in progress pic with another 3 or 4 hours work done. I’ve done the dirty effects on the metal work, base costed his tongue, his teeth and nails are done and the biggest job has been the highlights on the rocky bits.

The rocky bits are time consuming as its a fiddly job requiring a lot of small spots, thin lines and careful dry brush. I’ve come to the conclusion it is best not to be too obsessive with this sort of work. The overall effect is what matters not necessarily getting every detail perfect. A couple of techniques I use are as follows:
1) I tend to pick out the junctions of the lines with a bright spot and use an edged dry brush stroke along the lines themselves.
2) For cracks a fairly harsh highlight along only the bottom edge tends to bring them to life.
By sticking to this plan I find the job is more manageable and the overall effect can be very nice. Close up pic of an arm and fist below to help illustrate.


UCM defeated by PHR

Posted: August 26, 2013 in Dropzone Commander, Gaming

A game of DZC last night. Another nail-biter that saw 1.5K of UCM take on a similar PHR force.
At the end of 6 turns we were drawn on 4VPs so it came down to kill points. Initially it looked like the UCM had scraped a victory by just 9 points but a recount with the revised points costs gave the PHR victory by 5. It was that close!
Having played a couple of games with the UCM I’m beginning to understand their choices better. Have to say not terribly impressed with their fleet options but the tanks and drone launcher are great. I’m also worried about the infantry which seems lacking.
I’ve never really felt naturally drawn to the UCM boys, but as they were not getting much attention at my local club I wanted to give them a shot. I suspect a 3rd faction will be on the way soon. The question is Scourge or Shaltari?


Posted: August 26, 2013 in Gaming, Tournaments

Got my ticket …… I am not ready! 😉


Got my UCM on the table for the first time this evening. Across the table a PHR force. This was interesting for me having played PHR exclusively over the last few months – a taste of my own medicine!
The game started of with both sides rushing the nearest buildings to get the easy to reach objectives. The UCM had slightly superior fire power on their drop ships which allowed them to bash away at the buildings and take out the Immortals with falling masonry. A healthy dose of luck in this area put the UCM ahead and they managed to sneak an objective off the board with the help of the Fighter Escort card.
Meanwhile the battle for aerial dominance was being won by the PHR Athena but the UCM Starsprite drones were moving into enemy territory and looking dangerous. As it turned out it was these drones that made the vital kill.
A squad of Immortals had found and removed an objective to a Juno mounted in a Neptune. A single Starsprite got the final point of damage to force the Neptune into an emergency landing. The Juno disembarked but was faced with 4 other drones who combined fire to knock the APC out and put the UCM in a winning position.
Another tense game of this great system. The UCM certainly play differently to the PHR. I missed the elite choices of the PHR but enjoyed the extra mobility the UCM afforded. To be fair the UCM got lucky in the initial exchanges so the next game will be interesting.



Loving painting my Mountain King so another post today. Here’s a cool tip to liven up your painting – coloured shadows. All of my Trolls have this but unless you know it’s there it’s kinda hard to see. It’s a subtle effect that can turn a good paint job into something much deeper.
The Mountain King is base coated in P3 Troll Base (surprise, surprise) and highlighted with a mix of this and, yes you guessed it, P3 Troll Highlight! For the final highlights I also mix in a little white. For the shadows I use a mix of Troll Base and green, in this case Citadel Camo green. This gives the shadows a subtle colour as well as making those areas darker. I also deliberately let this stray onto the lighter areas occasionally to make the effect stronger by glazing these bits.

Once this is dry I repeat the shadows but this time with Trollbase and Citadel Liche purple. In places I’ll use a heavy shadow to bring out a dominant purple effect but elsewhere I’ll ease it off or miss it entirely to allow the green shadow to be seen.

You may want to click on the pictures and zoom in to see this better. It’s not easy to see but it creates a very subtle and interesting set of colours that brings the model to life.

Having ventured upon the high seas in Dystopian Wars and the Uncharted Seas the need for suitable damage counters has become apparent. A club mate has some nice acrylic ones but after a quick hunt around the net I decided to make my own.
Dead cheap these and hopefully suitably cinematic. First up 75 of your finest English pence in the form of 15 5p pieces. Spray a suitable blue.

A spot of PVA glue, squidge on some suitable white fluff (mine was from a fake snow display picked up over Xmas), twist and pull to make the spray/smoke.

And here is situ with a Prussian Emperor battleship. Hopefully this will not actually happen in any games 🙂


Bruce has been sprayed and now his base coat is on. The skin has also been highlighted. The last time I painted a monster of this size it took 50 hours+. With the airbrush I’m hoping for a nice effect in 10 – 15. So far about 4 hours post box for this chap ….., apart from the months sat on my shelf patiently waiting 😉


Recently I’ve felt the call of the Kriels again and with the popularity of Warmahordes waxing at my local club it’s time to do my Trollblood Labour.
The Mountain King is one of my favourite models, if not the favourite, of all time. Absolutely stunning. Brutal, imaginative, fantastic detail, I could go on and on. It’s been sat on my shelf for a long time but I’m ready to get him done now.

I assembled Bruce some time ago but tonight was devoted to my least favourite modelling job – gap filling. For a model this size Bruce is not too bad but there was a bit to do on his arms and the rocks on his back. I thought I might share how I go about doing this.
To fill gaps I tend to use : milliput, a kebab or cocktail stick, a clay shaper and some water.

Here’s a gap that needs filling.

Step 1 : Roll the milliput into a little sausage.

Step 2 : Lay the milliput along the gap to be filled.

Step 3 : Push the milliput into the gap with the cocktail stick and scrape away excess.

Step 4 : Dip the clay shaper into the water. Gently smooth the milliput out.

And that’s it. If the gap is really big it may be necessary to build up in layers. Thankfully in this case not!

So, my first game of Dystopian Wars this evening. Expertly guiding the way was Kevin with his Federated States of America. I had skimmed the rule book and Spartan Games forum so had a rough idea of what to expect but was looking forward to seeing the game in action.
The first surprise was playing along the 6ft axes of the table. My Uncharted Seas experience across the shorter 4ft axes had been of pretty heavy action from turn one, so this would allow a bit more time for developing strategy as the fleets closed. This might be a good thing for the Prussians as it would give time to use the islands on the board as cover, but on the other hand I knew the FSA would outgun my Prussians at long range and this would give them more opportunity to do this as my fleet closed.
The second surprise came when the FSA immediately dropped anchor deep in their territory. All was revealed next turn though when the paddles kicked in rotating the FSA ships to bring broadsides to bear. Oh dear, the outlook was not good for the Prussians facing a gunline like this!
Nonetheless I elected to move down the flanks using the islands on the board as cover. The plan was to emerge from cover and swarm over the FSA at short range where the Prussians might stand a chance. The plan worked to a point but I had taken a roughly 50/50 mix of air and naval vessels which meant the FSA were able to gun down my bombers and air ships over the Islands leaving me with insufficient fire power to threaten when I finally reached their line. At this point my Dreadnought also took two nasty critical hits and it was clear the FSA would likely win. We called it a day on an interesting game.
I enjoyed the system and love the models. It is very similar to Uncharted Seas but has a few additional details pertinent to the more modern technology. Looking forward to more 🙂