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Well, another delayed Kickstarter but AQOTMF finally arrived a couple of weeks back. Three local guys split the loot and ended up with basic Martian and Earthling forces. As most of my BEF stuff hasn’t been released yet I decided to crack on with my Martians. The models were relatively simple to construct and the tripods lend themselves very well to the attention of an airbrush. I quickly produced a 1K force and was keen to get it on the table.
My opponent also managed to bang out an effectively painted Yank force so we booked a first game one evening this week. The game was played on a 4 x 3 and we just clashed the models together to get used to the rules.




The game started with an initiative roll which the Martians won. The Tripods advanced and I was pleasantly surprised to find they were already in range with their heat rays. One of the ‘pods promptly fried the Earthling command tank demonstrating that this was going to be a quick and brutal affair. The interesting turn sequence then saw the Martians moving again to seek cover. This moving out, attacking, seeking cover, tactic is a definite feature of this game and quite an unusual one. The fact you can also spend a limited number of orders to double some of these moves is an interesting twist too.
The early action saw the Martians picking off the Earthlings using these hit and run tactics. The Earthlings decided to advance and swarm over the ‘pods in a desperate attempt to pull them down. An effective tactic seemed to be surrounding the surprisingly nippy ‘pods to stop them escaping. This gave the Earthlings more opportunity to bring their guns to bear and the Martians started to take some damage. However the real problem came in the shape of the Rough Riders. These guys entangled the ‘pods and escaping was a risk the gangly alien machines really couldn’t take!





So, in the end the Earthlings won as the ‘pods were eventually entangled and then worn down under repeated fire. It was a good game and the forces seem balanced. The Martian ‘pods are tough but they will go down to a jammy shot or under repeated fire. The Earthlings are much squished but they have numbers on their side. The models are very nice and the gameplay is pretty tight and simulates the War of Worlds feel faithfully. I think the game will be more interesting once more units are available but there is no reason why subs couldn’t be used in the meantime. I really enjoyed it and looking forward to another game soon.