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A couple of games of Commander this evening pitching my Green/Black Infect deck against a Vesper deck. In the first game I failed to draw enough land and never really got into the game. In the second I managed to draw a heap of swamps but was unable to generate the green mana I needed to get the Infect rolling. My opponent also got off to a slow start so I was able to use a Suq’Ata assassin to get a few poison counters in. This seems like a cheap and effective complement to the Infect deck although it is slightly out of theme. After a few turns my opponent found a counter to the assassin and started to hit back. It wasn’t long before I was toast again.

So, not the most successful pair of games for the Infect, but it was an enjoyable chilled out evening of gaming which is the main thing. Next time I’ll pop some more forests in and see if that speeds up the deck. We also managed a game of Marvel Dice Masters which seems to play like a cross between Magic and King of Tokyo. Not a bad little game, although I’m sure a love and knowledge of Marvel Heros would make it more rewarding.


A couple of epic 3-player games of Commander last night. In the first I used the Evasive Maneuvers Commander deck and in the second a new incarnation of the Infect deck I have played in standard.
The Evasive Maeuvers deck is something new for me. I’ve tended to play black, red and green but have one eye on developing a blue deck in the near future. I knew this deck was not the best as it stands but there are good cards in it to start to get to grips with blue. In the game itself I found the desk frustrating to begin with as it seemed to lack a focused strategy and the big hitters needed to force a win. As the game developed I found it to be a reasonably effective deck in locking down opponent ‘s creatures and there seemed to be a few flyer options that might sum to something interesting. The deck really isn’t me but I’m going to play it a few more times and then either trade it away or take it in a new direction more to my liking. The game was a close one but I never really threatened.
In the second game I played an Infect deck led by Glissa. Given Glissa’s ability with artifacts I put quite a few in the deck and along with the Phyrexian element a couple of big hitting Demons. One of my opponents was playing a Sliver deck that I’ve had trouble with in the past so initially I focused on taking out the Slivers and it was long until my trampling creatures were wracking up the poison counters on that player. Once this threat was eliminated I was feeling confident and started out attacking the other player. This proved to be a much tricker proposition and we played through a couple of board wipe cycles until we were both hanging in there with just a few points remaining. In the event my opponent pulled a good card to finish the game and pulled me down. I have to say I much preferred playing the Infect deck and there were glimpses of real danger when it got going. I’ve got a few more cards on order for it so looking forward to giving it another go next time.

I must confess that MTG is my guilty pleasure of gaming. Although frowned upon as ‘not a real game’ by many tabletop enthusiasts (including until recently me) I like it. I think it’s a mix of the convenience of play and the challenge of deck building in a theme that has hooked me in. As a result I thought it only right that I should post some Magic action on my gaming blog.
I’ve been playing a mono black demon deck recently. Success has been mixed but I’ve enjoyed researching and collecting the different demon themed cards. I’ve also got a Burn deck that needed attention, so last night I decided to put the two together and make a Black / Red Commander deck led by Rakdos. The deck had a lot of big hitting demons, low cost fire attacks and a handful of board levellers. The idea was to get the demons out ASAP and try to overwhelm my opponents with the nasty guys. If this didn’t work the levellers would come into play as the demons sought a win at any cost – very black / red I think 😉
In the first game I used Rakdos Lord of Riots but was out the game quickly as a result of losing life too quickly. In the second game I changed to Rakdos the Defiler, had a black mana flow problem, and never really got into the game. At this point I was getting worried about my deck but I decided to persevere with Rakdos the Defiler for the third and final game of the evening.
In this game I managed to get Rakdos on the battlefield quickly and he was quite the monster. Not only did he deal a very respectable amount of Commander damage, his removal of permanents helped to disrupt the game and keep him in action longer. My opponents soon realised the danger, and although Rakdos gave me a good start, he became the centre of attention and was contained – just! I decided to change strategy and start putting other demons into play but, again, my opponents found ways of disrupting this onslaught. I was enjoying this game as Rakdos and his buddies were doing ok and the theme of the angry demon horde was coming through nicely. However, just as it looked as though the demons would build enough momentum to win, a board wipe and a couple of big hits put me in serious trouble.
There was only one thing for it and it was a move Rakdos himself would be proud of. A Worldfire was summoned to level the board and Rakdos bided his time hoping that the aggressive black/red deck would pull the finishing card first. As luck would have it I rode the retaliation of my opponent and pulled a humble lava spike to finish the game.
Great stuff, a real epic battle and proof enough that MTG is a ‘proper’ game.