SMOGCON 2015 – part 3

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In the evening of the first day we spent a bit of time soaking up the atmosphere. There were some nice armies on display and I took the opportunity to watch a hardcore game between A Cryx and Circle army. The Cryx player was using a list composed of mainly ghostly models and made no secret of the fact he was playing a Mage Hunting strategy. The Circle player had a list similar to mine but led by Kruger. It was interesting to note how both armies pressed forward but Kruger was able to gain the upper hand popping feat and driving the Cryx back. Wrong footed the Cryx were not as effective in their turn as they should have been and the Circle player was able to punch a hole to the ‘caster and teleport a Stalker then Ghetorix via a Stones for a brutal assassination.

Day 2 started with a good lie in – a rare luxury for me these days. I eventually got up enjoyed a bit of painting and wandered around the venue.

I had a chance to sit in on a seminar on the Cosmology of the Iron Kingdoms delivered by Doug from PP. I learnt a lot about the religions of the Iron Kingdom and the talk was delivered with good humour. There were a few holes in the story but these were quite deliberate to leave room for interpretation, conflict and future development. 

I had originally planned to bring a Convergence force to SMOGCON, and although my force is base coated and based, I eventually decided on my old favourite the Trolls instead. Looking around I wasn’t the only one! It seems that Trolls are the flavour of the month so it was no surprise to find another Troll player across the table for my first game.

We decided to play 50 points and feeling a bit rusty I put Gunnbjorn on the table with the Mountain King. The other guy had a more up to date Troll list that included a unit of Highway Men lead by eAngus. I was interested to see how these played as I love the models.

Feeling a bit nervous I just rushed my Trolls forward and popped Gunnbjorn’s feat hoping to weather the storm. Unfortunately the Mountain King was taken down by a buffed unit of Pyg Burrowers which was going to make the game an uphill struggle. The Highway Men looked quite tasty with their combined ranged  attack and having two ranged attacks made them look even more dangerous. By the end of turn 2 things were looking pretty dire do I risked putting Gunnbjorn in a crazy mid board position in order to get a shot on eAngus. Although the shot worked it was no surprise when Gunny was taken down in the next turn.

Not the best start but I was pleased to have got a game in against a pleasant opponent. It was also good to see the Highway Men in action and they are a unit I would like to add to my collection.

I should mention at this point that I also managed to do some ninja shopping picking up a shed load of Khador and Cryx models at a very reasonable price. An unexpected bonus to day one :)

It’s been over a month since I posted anything but I have been quite busy prepping for and then attending SMOGCON 2015.
Early on Friday morning partners in crime Ken, Mark and I set off for the Raddison, Heathrow. We arrived shortly after 9 put our stuff in the room, registered and walked around the venue. It was a good venue with a really nice atrium but personally I missed the single big room that hosted the SMOGPIT and tournament play. The view from the window wasn’t too great either (see below!).
Another major downside was the notable absence of Dropzone, Malifaux and Bushido three systems which I enjoy. However the pay off against this was the rather awesome prospect of the presence of the Privateer Press guys Ed, Will, Doug and Rob.

Mark had left his entry for the P3 painting contest at home so retired to his room to prepare a new model (much more on this epic tale later!) Ken and I went to a seminar where Ed, Doug and Will described how they took an idea from concept and turned it into a model. The talk was interesting and I was struck by the care the PP team put into making the model and rules the best they can possibly be for the gaming community. A certain other large gaming company would do well to follow this lead ……….
After the lecture I spent a little time on my entries for the P3 competition and then went to the Iron Arena to pick up a game with my Trolls.
More to follow …….

Having got to grips with Aurora I thought I would give Syntherion a run out this evening. I also wanted to try double Axioms and impressive indeed they looked together on the table. My opponent was playing 50pts of Trolls lead by pGrissel.


I felt pretty secure behind my Colossal wall and weathered the storm as the Long Riders came charging in and then bounced back to safety using Grissel’s feat. Despite shooting down a few Fennblades I felt that the Axioms and Syntherion lacked the attacking flair needed to trouble the rather large horde of Trolls so started to look at wining on objectives. After a couple of hours play the table was evenly matched and there still a lot to do. We decided to call the game a draw and put it down as a learning experience.


There is no doubt that Syntherion and double Axioms are a tough nut to crack. A good list for an attrition game where the objectives are small in number and close together. I missed the assassination potential of Aurora but castling behind a wall of Colossal goodness did have a certain appeal. One thing I must bear in mind is where the Axioms spawn their Servitors. I made a few mistakes with this resulting in blocking push lanes for the drag attack. I used Attunement Servitors quite well this time and I think I will paint a few more of these as they are proving to be the most useful of the Servitors. Finally, I learnt that it is possible to get the benefit of Hot Shot on both Axioms if the order of activation is right. This is potentially very hard hitting so well worth thinking about in the future.


Gorax – part 1

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I’ve taken a break from Kromac to have a go at a Gorax. Quite pleased with how this chap is coming along.


Kromac part 2

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I’m pleased with way Kromac is coming along. I’m trying to keep him dark and savage and I think that’s coming along nicely.


Kromac – part 1

Posted: January 8, 2015 in Circle, Painting and Modelling

I’ve decided to put a lick of paint on Kromac. With the Ghetorix pretty much done it would be rude not too!