Kingdom Death – Monster Sunday – Part 5

Posted: January 11, 2016 in Gaming, Kingdom of Death

This Sunday would see the start of a new Settlement. The survivors struggled against the initial lion and three were lost. To be honest I thought we were going to have to replay the first lion again but a timely critical to the Lion’s ding dong by the last survivor Big Barry (inflicted with his bare hands no less!) meant this would not be necessary.



And so Big Barry Land came into being. With only one endeavour to hand the Skinnery was founded and this at least enabled some hide armour to be crafted. The settlement decided to eat and dissect the corpses rather than bury them establishing the principle of death cannibalism. Big Barry spoke the first words, attempted an Augury and ended up sitting at foot of the Lantern hoard contemplating the meaning of the universe and hence ruling himself out of the next hunt.
Four new survivors embarked to hunt their first level 1 lion. The hunt was a fairly protracted but not particularly eventful one and the Lion was found in the Ground Fighting Mood. This enabled the survivors to explore a pile of debris and a bug patch before setting up an bush on the Lion in the long grass (note the 3d terrain in progress in the pic – much more of this to come).




This showdown went very well for the survivors and by using the tall grass to good effect it was not long before the lion was toast and three of the four were heading back to Big Barry Land with a decent array of resources.
A boil inducing green mist descended on the returning survivors meaning all three will miss the next hunt, but the settlement innovated Painting and crafted some very respectable gear including a complete set of Hide armour.
After a brutal start a good second showdown and Big Barry is in a good position to lead the hunt on the next Monster Sunday.


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