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Palm trees. Lots of palm trees.

But look! What that I spy? 3 Neptunes hovering in the branches. There must be Walkers on the way ……



More progress on the PHR base recently. The priming, preshading and base colour has been applied to the majority of the buildings. Although I am still pursuing my goal of making scaleless terrain I couldn’t resist adding the PHR logo to the roof of some of the buildings. These were made using shrinky paper and I think they add a nice touch that shouldn’t affect the ability to use this terrain in different Sci-fi settings.
Time is running out on this Labour. I think I should manage to get the base done and I’m hoping to have at least 1500 points of troops done too. The original goal of 3000 is a bit much to ask now I think!



A good game of DZC against a Scourge force this Sunday. The game was very tight and came right down to the wire. In the end we were tied on VPs but the PHR took it by about 100 kill points.


More PHR base shenanigans tonight. I’ve made another trio of ‘IKEA cutlery’ buildings, some bunkers/storage sheds and a pair of IKEA Christmas Angels make nice communication towers/control centres.


I’ve also added two further drop ships to the army: a Triton and a Poseidon.


More progress on the PHR base. First up the multi story building primed and ready for painting. I’ve also bashed up another ice cube tray to act as a ruin if it gets destroyed.


Next a selection of smaller buildings and constructions. At the back some baby bottles filled with a special expanding foam to give some rigidity (more about this later). In front IKEA cutlery holder with some tea stirrers for entrance ways and an IKEA non slip mat section for the roof. Finally a couple of little bunkers make from coffee machine cartridges.


Note that I’m still endeavouring to make all this stuff scaleless so it could be used with other Sci-fi game systems.

Played my first game of Warmachine for a while. We went for 50pts and I took the Conquest to get a bit more experience with the big guy.
My super beardy opponent knew this was going to be case and took a dirty net list that included ‘back lash’. This basically meant that the Conquest became a giant voodoo doll for my caster Harkevich. After three or four turns of chipping away at the Conquest and Harkevich the Iron Wolf went down. What made things worse was my opponents army was covered in mould lines and then he had the gall to ask for a lift home! Tsk, the cheek of it! 😉


I’ve been painting a Zeus Command Heavy Walker over the last couple of days. I’m into a pattern for painting the PHR now so I’m hoping I will be able paint a handful of models each week until the end of the month. That’s pretty fast for me!