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Finally finished Betty today. That completes my Ralgard starter. Very pleased with the results and looking forward to getting a game in now.



Played some DZC tonight. My opponent was playing UCM so I dug the PHR out again. We played our game on the Cityscape. It was easy to set up and although the tiles did slip ever so slightly it worked very well and looked fantastic. It’s a steal at £30.
The game itself was a real nail biter. The UCM grabbed a couple of early objectives while the PHR infantry scrabbled around looking for theirs. A thrilling attack run from the PHR Athena caught a UCM squad flying off table with one of the objectives to keep the post humans in the game. Both sides then pummelled the buildings and the hapless infantry inside. The PHR levelled the match using intelligence to quickly seize an objective and fly it safely off the board moments before the main UCM battle group were about to fire on the wobbly building. By this stage is was clear the game was going to victory points and the UCM were just a bit ahead. We called it a game as the forces retreated to lick their wounds and the UCM had won by the narrowest of margins.
Great game, great terrain, I’d almost forgotten just how good DZC is 🙂



This evening I sat down intent on making the contents of the Hawk Wargames Cityscape. 20 card buildings and pritt stick were all I needed.


The buildings are good quality and very easy to assemble. I soon got into a routine and was able to construct all twenty in just over an hour. Fantastic convenient scenery. My only complaint is that the finished buildings are a teeny bit warped. That may be down to how I made them but I suspect it’s unavoidable. It really shouldn’t be an issue and I’m looking forward to using these.


Progress is good on the Ralgard battleship. Just the sails and metal work to finish.
I shall name her Betty 🙂


Finished the six frigates this evening. I’m pleased with the results and how the fleet is shaping up. The battleship has been started. It’s a bit of a monster and I’m looking forward to getting it done.


Finished the 3 Cruisers this evening. I also worked out that the red is highlighted with Vallejo Scarlet and finally more of the same with a tiny but of Sunburst Yellow.
I also managed to make a good start on the 6 frigates that come in the starter set. These are very quick and simple to turn around. That will just leave the battleship which is a bit of a monster!



I fancied painting some thing a bit different this evening so got back to my Ralgard starter set. I had some trouble remembering the colours but I’ve worked most of them out. For reference : Mecrite Red, gloss black base, P3 Bootstrap leather, P3 Brown ink, Lyanden Yellow and Alclad Pale Gold. I can’t remember how I highlighted the red but I’ll work that out next time.
I’m hungry to play this game so going to push on and try and finish the starter now I’ve started it again.


Nurgle takes on the Hivemind

Posted: June 4, 2013 in Daemons, Gaming

Played a chunky 2K 40K game this Sunday. My opponent played ‘nids, an army close to my own heart but one I haven’t seen much of recently.
For this game I went with plenty of Plague Bearers, a pond full of plague toads, a couple of daemon princes and a pair of Soul Grinders. My opponent had a bit of a hoard himself with a Swarmlord and winged hive tyrant leading the way.
I camped my plague bearers on my three objectives and basically attempted to weather the storm of the much more mobile ‘nids. My defensive strategy worked to a point. Attack after attack failed to make much impact on the plague bearers, but all the while the ‘nids were in control of territory and when time ran out they had comfortably secured the objectives they needed by being more aggressive.
The Daemon Princes were poor in this game – they made almost no impact. The Soul Grinders were excellent again and if I had played the plague bearers more aggressively I think they would have had an impact to. I must remember that even out in the open these guys have a 4+ cover save. A big squad with feel no pain shouldn’t have much trouble advancing on the enemy albeit rather slowly! I also really missed my Plague Drones who give the army a much needed element of mobility.
As for my opponent, the Swarm Lord was terrifyingly good, and he deserved the win for aggressive play centred on scoring VPs. I’ll need to be sharper next time!



I don’t often publish posts like this but I’m really excited about this new game.
I spotted the Kickstarter a few weeks ago and made a speculative post on my local club forum to see if anyone else fancied some War of the Worlds type gaming. As it happens one of the other guys was keen so we bought in together.
Roll on December is all I can say 🙂
All quiet on the Martian Front