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SMOGCON 2014 – part 3

Posted: February 27, 2014 in Gaming, Tournaments, Trollbloods

After playing a couple of games of Warmahordes, the cold I had, a bad nights sleep plus early start and lack of food, got the better of me. I grabbed some lunch then retired to bed to regroup for the evening session.
By this stage Ken was looking for a game of Warmahordes so we decided to have a 50 point game in the SMOGPIT over a couple of pints. Ken’s dirty Menoth frustrated my Trolls and he looked likely to walk away with an easy win. Unfortunately for the Menites eKreoss came a bit too close to the action while attempting to maximise his feat bubble. A Bomber stepped up to the mark nailing him with a couple of well placed shots. It was a good game and a nice change to be playing at a casual pace amongst so many like minded gamers over beers. A quick look around the venue showed it to still be alive even though it had gone midnight. A real pleasure to be finishing day 1 like this.



SMOGCON 2014 – part 2

Posted: February 24, 2014 in Gaming, Tournaments, Trollbloods

While Ken and I had been painting I believe Tim was playing well in his tournament. He will correct me if I’m wrong but I think he went 3/1 narrowly missing qualification for the Masters.
Ken made his way to the High Command release event and I decided to enter the SMOGPIT. It was easy to register and within five minutes I had picked up a game with a chap from Pigmar playing Skorne. I played Grim but looking around the tables my usual favourite Warlock wasn’t going to cut it as the scenery was thin. Nonetheless I pressed on and about 90 minutes later I was beaten on the scenario. It was a good game and my first for a couple of months against an experienced opponent so happy to have hung in there without being throttled.


As soon as I finished this game a familiar face from the Bristol Hardcore tournament I played sometime ago rolled up with a fresh challenge. We noticed the Barge Scenario table was free so jumped on in a flash. This was going to be a crazy game!
Both forces stood almost toe to toe but displaced a few inches on their respective barges. Each turn the barges moved a random distance alongside each other literally putting the warriors face to face. I decided to go with old favourite Gunnbjorn as I could see him, his bazooka, and a pair of Bombers wreaking havoc in the small space. To finish off I put in all the template bearing models I could shoehorn into 35 points. Looking across to the other barge there was a horde of tightly packed Cygnarian infantry. This was going to be messy …….
The game only lasted three turns with the Trolls smashing through the Cynarians with their crude but effective explosives. It was a real bloodbath and a welcome change of pace to the classic Warmahordes scenarios.


And that took us up to mid afternoon on the first day. More to come …..,

Just got back from SMOGCON and a damn fine weekend of gaming it was. I’ll kick off part 1 by saying a big thanks to partners in crime Tim and Ken for driving and organising the accommodation respectively.
When we arrived we registered got our goody bags and had a wander around. Ken and I took part in the speed painting and then had a long chat with Jon Webb (SMOGCON organiser and painter of no little ability) about basing techniques. My speed painted Winter Guard was deemed to be best of rather small bunch and I qualified for the final on Sunday.
Much more to come ….



1500 point game this evening and a chance to get the Hades on the table. We played the first scenario from the book and I was a little disturbed to see there were more Shaltari infantry than PHR.
The Hades marched onto the table and had a long road that spanned the whole table to make its advance on. At 6inches per turn it made reasonable progress and by the end of the game made it into my opponents half of the table. As it went it knocked a few buildings around and destroyed a couple of enemy tanks . However, once it made it to the other side of the board the massed fire of the Shaltari took it down.
But what really mattered was the battle in the buildings between the infantry. There were a number of complex CBQs during the game but the Shaltari were always ahead on numbers and their superior armour saw them grab a couple of objectives and hold onto them to the end.
So, the end result was a 2 – 0 win to the Shaltari. It was a good game and there were a few lessons to learn. First up 1500 points is a bit much – this game took 4+ hours to play. I’m beginning to think the sweet spot might be around 1250 for DZC. That gives a decent number of options but doesn’t make the game so complex. Secondly, the Hades is good but I wouldn’t say it is broken or invincible. I think it needs to concentrate on taking out slow moving targets. It struggled against skimmers and without demolition weapons it’s not a building squasher. Finally, the key to this game was very much the infantry. In the early games of DZC I always took loads of infantry and found I could dominate the objective game. I need to take more in the future. Oh, nearly forgot – I played a couple of Erobos. They were nice. Relatively fast moving debuffers so something a bit different for PHR and they did quite well.