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Posted: May 19, 2014 in Gaming, Zombicide

Something a bit different this weekend. A friend hosted a game of Zombiecide with beers in the garden. I’ve seen a lot of this game on the internet but not had a chance to play. There is a lot going for it.
Models were ok and very respectable for a board game. I liked the plastic blister case they came in – that should keep them nice and safe between games. The game play itself was very simple and easily picked up within five minutes. The most interesting aspect of the game was the co-operative element. No winner as such; it was all about the six players working together to escape the zombie horde.
The game lasted about 3 hours although it could have been played a lot quicker without the beer and banter – but that of course was what really made the game. In the end the team survived the horde despite a final surge if Zombies that had to be cleared with Molotov cocktails. Good fun and good company.