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PHR encounter UCM

Posted: November 29, 2012 in Dropzone Commander, Gaming

Had another game of DZC this weekend just gone. This time I played a UCM force which was an interesting contrast to the recent diet of Scourge and Shaltari.
With the UCM the game followed a more predictable pattern but I did feel a bit outnumbered. In the latter stages of the contest he situation was finely balanced until the UCM Kodiak found itself too close to a destroyed building and was buried beneath the rubble. With the opposition commander out of the way the PHR just needed to occupy the centre of the board with more troops than the UCM to take the win. The heavy walkers lumbered into position and weathered enemy fire to get the win for the Post Humans.
Another great game. Not as exciting as some of the others but a fairly fought contest with a satisfying conclusion.



More Khemri

Posted: November 18, 2012 in Blood Bowl, Painting and Modelling

It’s been a busy week so not a lot of progress. However I did get a couple of Skeletons and a Throw-Ra done. I decided to use an Impact miniature for the Throw-Ra and a much darker scheme to make them look different.


Played my first game of Blood Bowl for a long time this evening. I enjoyed the game but was disappointed to find my Khemri team played in their usual style. They were doing fine fighting toe to toe with another undead team but when it came to picking up the bowl they just couldn’t do it! My opponents ghouls were basically the difference between the teams giving him the agility and speed needed to capitalise on my fumbles and run in two touch downs to nil.
It’s a shame as this is the pattern all my games follow with the Khemri. If it were not for the stadium I had made and the half painted team I would abandon them. However, I’m going to try and finish painting the team now I’ve started although you won’t be seeing much more action in the near future.


A couple of years ago I converted a Khemri Blood Bowl team but never got around to painting it. My local gaming group have just started a knock out cup competition so I thought I would break them out again. My Blood Bowl skills are limited to say the least, so I doubt I’ll make past the first round or two, but it’s a good excuse to finally paint some of these miniatures.
First up a couple of Ushabti that I converted for use as mummies. It’s a pretty simple job – I just removed their weapons – but I think it fits the fluff better than the traditional bandaged up cadaver approach. I’m aiming to get half the team painted for my first round match and if I get through to the second round I’ll do the other half….


PHR defeated by Shaltari

Posted: November 5, 2012 in Dropzone Commander, Gaming

Played my first Clash size battle this evening against my regular Shaltari opponent. I wanted to play a bigger game so that I could try some different units and a commander.
The game was fantastic. It came right down to the final turn and pivoted on one of my command cards. To cut a long story short I had a load of infantry in a damaged building that wete holding a command card to make it possible to get into another building in my opponents half that would seal the win for the PHR. They just needed to survive along enough to activate and make the underground monorail link to the new building …….
Unfortunately the Shalatri realised this and set about demolishing the structure. Eventually a well placed shot from their biggest gun brought the building tumbling down destroying my infantry and giving the aliens the win. Cinematic stuff and a brilliant end to a very tight and enjoyable game.
I have to say Dropzone Commander is a real find. It’s rapidly becoming my favourite game and there is still so much to explore. Well done Hawk Wargames!


‘Nuff said 🙂


Played a 2nd game of DZC this weekend. This time 750pts against Shaltari and Scourge in a 3 way clash.
The game revolved around collecting objectives most of which were useless but 3 of 20 were genuine. The Scourge made a good starting finding one quickly and the PHR followed shortly after. Luckily the PHR were able to quickly get the objective off the table to secure 2VPs while the Scourge held theirs on the table to keep their unit in play. Meanwhile the Shaltari were left on a fruitless search for an objective of their own.
In the end the Scourge dominated the game in terms of kill points and when the third objective was found and destroyed it boiled down to whether the Scouge could get their first objective off the table for the win. The mysterious Shaltari saved the day for the PHR blocking the Scourge as they tried to leave the table and leaving the Post Humans as winners.
Another great game which I really enjoyed. This time I took too much AA in response to the previous game and this meant I lacked the anti-armour to take down the Scourge tanks. It looks like a blend will be best which is great as it stops the game becoming a spam fest. Looking forward to the next one….


A few months ago I mentioned that some miniatures are just too sexy to wait around for ….. here are some more I just had to have …..

First up the Mountain King …..


And second some Dark Eldar who I want to add to my Wyche cult probably as Bloodbrides.