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Had another go with the Nurgle Daemons this evening. I went with the horde of Plague Bearers again but this time led by Ku’ugath. The opposition were Eldar commanded by my most favourite of opponents Mr Matt Garlick esq

The game itself was a good one although we only managed three turns. I was blessed on the Warp Storm table getting a squad of Daemonettes in turn 2 (must bring excess models next time!) and then in turn 3 Matt’s Farseer commander disappeared into the warp leaving me with a herald of Khorne. This turned out to be the key moment in the game as it netted me 3 VPs which was enough to take the win 3 points to nil.
The Plague Bearers were once again a rock and I was impressed with the Plague Drones and Soul Grinder. Ku’ugath didn’t do much to be honest, but he is a tough cookie and his nurgling bombs were a threat. I think a winged Nurgle Prince is more dangerous than the Great Unclean one so I will be trying one of those next time.
To finish a pic of the doomed Farseer. Nice job Matt, apart from the mould lines of course 😉



First two Vanguard models complete. I’ve gone for what I hope is a respectable table top standard.
The scheme is very similar to what I used on my Dropzone Commander PHR. It’s black primer, white primer, pick out black parts, high light with Menoth base coat, 2nd highlight with Menoth highlight. To blend the various shade together better I used very dilute Astronomican Grey as a wash over everything apart from the gun and visor. The visor is Khador base highlighted with Blazing Orange. Finally I’ve used Forged Monkey Acid Green (a dayglow colour) to pick out the energy cells on the weapons.
Pretty happy with the result. Each model takes about 2 hours which is a decent rate of painting for me.


The last two months I’ve been running two of my 2013 Labours simultaneously. I’ve posted a lot about the Nurgle Daemon Labour but not so much about the Sedition Wars.
I’ve assembled all of the starter box miniatures and started painting enough for the first mission in the book. The miniatures are very nice but I must say the plastic was awful to work with. It is very hard and there are some pretty major mould lines to deal with. On top of that the larger miniatures don’t fit together terribly well. Definitely not a game for a lazy modeller!
I played a short solo game last night to get a feel for the rules. It took quite some time to navigate the rule book but once I had the swing of it it seems like a simple game that should have plenty of depth.
I’ve only a couple of days to finish this labour so I’m settling for a decent tabletop job on the minis for the first mission. If I enjoy that I’ll paint a few more each time I tackle the next one up.


More progress this evening. Following the fluff I’ve got the big guy on a palaquin made from shed loads of the old palaquin Nurglings and Hirst Arts blocks. The palaquin is also Ku’ugath’s mobile laboratory so I’ve put some rather nice bits from Black Cat bases on there. I’ve also sculpted a tip on Ku’ugath’s tongue using milliput. Pretty pleased with how he is turning out.



I’ve decided to convert one of my Forgeworld Great Unclean Ones into Ku’ugath. It should be a relatively straightforward conversion and I’m hoping to have a lot of fun making his palaquin/laboratory.
Here is the Great Unclean One with the Sword removed and fist up-turned. In the fluff Ku’ugath dunks Nurglings into his cauldron before hurling them at the enemy. The idea is to eventually put a couple in his palm. I will need to resculpt a tongue for him but that shouldn’t be too hard with some green stuff.

The cauldron will be made using what I think is the top of baby food container. It was scavenged from a kitchen draw so I’m not 100% sure! I’ve added a few nuts and washers to it using Grandt Line bits.


There’s a lot of work to do yet so more soon!

A horde of Nurgle

Posted: April 16, 2013 in Daemons, Gaming

Another game of 40K with the Nurgle Daemons this week. This time a smaller affair at 1500 points. I decided to eschew the big guys this time and went with a load of Plague Bearers led by Epidemius and a Herald. I also wanted to try my Plague Drones and Nurglings and rounded out the list with Beasts of Nurgle and a pair of Soul Grinders.
This time the Daemons performed very well indeed.
I parked the Plague Bearers in cover and let the attacking Blood Angels come to me. The Soul Grinders turned out to be the stars of the show with their Phlegm and close combat attacks while the Beasts tied up the enemy and the Plague Bearers were immoveable rocks on the required objectives. Unfortunately I didn’t use the Drones and Nurglings effectively but I can also see potential in these guys. I was not terribly impressed with Epidemius and his tally – I’m of the opinion a second standard herald is a better bet. Nonetheless this list worked very well together and I’ll be exploring this build more in the future.
A couple of pics from the game. First up a Soul Grinder smashing up a Landraider and secondly Epidemius parked with Plague Bearers in cover on an objective.



I’ve put together a few Plague Drone conversions and got them based up ready for painting yesterday.
I have two objections to the official models. Firstly the price, and secondly the flies just look silly – too fat and comedy for my taste. As a remedy I’ve gone for a Starship Trooper Rippler swarm for the flies and sourced Plague Drone riders from bits sites.
The Ripplers are much skinnier and evil looking. They also look more like wasps than flies which adds to their menace. They are also dead cheap with 9 in a box and I got mine from eBay dead cheap a couple of years back which is even better 🙂 On the downside they do look quite ‘tyranid’, but perhaps that’s not a bad thing in 40K.
Annoyingly I’ve managed to lose a few bits so it looks like I will be able to make 8 from my box rather than 9 but I’m hoping the missing bits will surface when I tidy my painting area.