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Nurgle Daemons are back.

Posted: September 30, 2014 in Daemons, Gaming

Thought I would play some 40K this week. My gaming group are still using 6th which is fine by me. It was also a chance to use a lava-scape gaming mat that I acquired recently.
Across the table 1750 of Chaos Space Marines with a Khornate theme. The game was Big Guns with 5 objectives.I got first turn, parked a load of Plague Bearers on the nearby objectives, set the Icon Plague Drones up as my delivery system, and put the Soul Grinders in good positions to Phlegm my opponent.


As you might expect from two Chaos forces the action was pretty brutal in the centre of the table. The Drones were destroyed by Kharn and a squad of berserkers although they did get my toads on the board. My Soul Grinders were my most effective unit chipping away at the enemy and absorbing a lot of fire power. My Great Unclean One had a terrible game not turning up until late, mishaping back into reserve and then finally landing well out of the action. Looking on the bright side he did survive untouched and got me the line breaker objective.
It was a nice change to play some 40K and it looks like I’ll be playing some more next week as well.
At the end of the game I had managed to secure two objectives to my opponents one to take the game.

Combined Army trounced again!

Posted: September 8, 2014 in Gaming, Infinity

An Infinity Campaign game this evening. This was a scenario that carried on where the last game left off. This time the Combined Army returned looking for the buried objective only to be confronted by a Nomad force. 300 points a side and we agreed to field a TAG each.



Unfortunately I got off to a bad start losing two models to a pair of Total Reaction Zonds in ARO. Doh! However I did manage to get my Meditech Droid to an objective point. Meanwhile the two TAGs moved towards the action at the middle of the table.



In the mid-game the Nomad TAG Rambo’d my poor old Raicho and that left me in serious trouble. I threw everything I had at it but was unlucky to only score a single point of damage. The Nomads were looking dominant and there was very little I could do about it.

The closing action saw the Combined Army in Retreat leaving the objective wide open to a Nomad specialist.
I do like Infinity but it can be very frustrating at times! The last two games I have been thoroughly smashed. It seems the Combined Army are going through a bit of a rough patch with the dice, but I suspect my tactics are flawed too. I might try and find some time to read a tactica and try something different next time.


The Martians have moved deeper into human territory and are expecting fiercer resistance. Here are some Alien Dungeon bunkers where the feeble maggots will hide out.


Nice little models. The paint job is a very simple 10 minute job with various sprays. Black,Red oxide, Cappuccino , Tan Brown and a teeny bit of Army Painter Green. Will get around to giving them a wash and some foliage another time.

A couple of games of Commander this evening pitching my Green/Black Infect deck against a Vesper deck. In the first game I failed to draw enough land and never really got into the game. In the second I managed to draw a heap of swamps but was unable to generate the green mana I needed to get the Infect rolling. My opponent also got off to a slow start so I was able to use a Suq’Ata assassin to get a few poison counters in. This seems like a cheap and effective complement to the Infect deck although it is slightly out of theme. After a few turns my opponent found a counter to the assassin and started to hit back. It wasn’t long before I was toast again.

So, not the most successful pair of games for the Infect, but it was an enjoyable chilled out evening of gaming which is the main thing. Next time I’ll pop some more forests in and see if that speeds up the deck. We also managed a game of Marvel Dice Masters which seems to play like a cross between Magic and King of Tokyo. Not a bad little game, although I’m sure a love and knowledge of Marvel Heros would make it more rewarding.

In the Infinity campaign I have been taking part in I have particularly enjoyed the missions with secret objective points. I thought I might have a go at making some cheap and cheerful ones of my own. As it happens I recently treated my daughter to a Kinder Egg and I noticed that the plastic case might be just the job. It looks fairly futuristic, it’s cheap, and you pop the lid off to reveal the surprise inside! Rather than eating a load of Kinder eggs (admittedly that would have been quite enjoyable although not very healthy!) I turned to my favourite emporium of cheap and wonderful things, eBay. Lo and behold lots of Kinder Egg cases available there so I picked up a bag of 20. The next challenge was to give them a bit of weight in the bottom in order that they might stand up. I decided to mix up some resin and simply pour it in the bottom of the cases. Voila, instant weeble style secret objective point that even provides a bit of table top cover 🙂



Circle take on Trolls

Posted: September 1, 2014 in Circle, Gaming, Uncategorized

I haven’t played Warmahordes for quite some time. This evening I got the Circle out to take on some Trolls. 50 points, which in hindsight was a bit ambitious for a refresher game, and a good game. If followed a fairly typical pattern with the Circle hitting first and making a decent impression on the Trolls. I did make one error in directing a beserking Stalker into a gaggle of Champions. Little did I know that they would be so durable and he was only able to take a couple out. The trolls, a little shaken, retaliated and boy did those Champions hit hard! I saw all three heavies I had taken go down as Pygs, Champions and mish-mash of other infantry laid into them.
At this point the advantage was with the trolls and Kromac was forced to consider a reckless assasination run on eMadrak. The Troll warrior was well procted by two Champions and had camped 3 focus to boot. We decided at this point to call it a day but truth me known the Trolls would have polished off the remaining Circle had we played on.
It was a good game and a useful reminder of what I still consider to be the number one pick and play system. The learning point for me is just how hard Champions are and not to go after them with the Stalker. Perhaps I should consider some for my Trolls 😉

EDIT : Sadly no pictures this time as my iphone and WordPress have decided to play silly buggers. Oh well . . .