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More progress on the Raicho this evening. I’ve been painting the gray metallic bits in a non-metallic metal style. This is a technique I’m not at all well practiced in (much preferring real metallics) but the Infinity aesthetic is more in tune with this style I feel. Besides which I want to get better at this so it’s good practice!
I’m not 100% sure how to do effective NMM so I’m feeling my way as I go to a large extent. However, I am drawing on what I know about a technique called preshading and also zenithal lighting. To begin with the base colour is P3 Hull Grey with a Tamiya Smoke wash.

Next I add harsh edge highlights of white.

Once this is done I blend some white from the shadow areas to the highlights. This in effect is preshading. It’s not so important to get this perfect but it help with the next stage.

A mix of Hull Grey and Ultramarine blue is then carefully washed from the shadow areas up and over the preshading leaving a thin edge highlight. This creates a reasonably good blending effect. For this part of the model three passes were made. Note that the pictures appear in reverse – final pass to first.



Finally a wash of Ultramarine blue into the shadow areas.

And to finish a shot to show the effect in perspective. I’m pretty happy with the final result. Must find the time to study NMM more thoroughly!



While waiting for the AQOTMF Kickstarter I did some hunting for miniature period vehicles. The best I could find were from a company called Highway Miniatures. They are not easy to track down it seems unless you are in the States, but I was able to find a trio on eBay. I’ve made one up already and here is a run down on the second.
These kits are very, very fiddly. In fact they are the most fiddly kits I have taken on. I’ve not researched the history properly but I’m guessing from the retro instructions and box design this is because the kits are very old. There is something quite quaint about the handwritten instructions and black and white box, but trust me, you will fear the contents!



With the first kit I made I followed it exactly including the gear stick, suspension systems and other ridiculously tiny fragile parts that don’t fit together particularly well. This time I took a few short cuts and ended up with a model that should be fine (if not quite as intended) in an hour or so.

These kits are not easy to work with but I’m not aware of any other option. I’m hoping they will look nice with a lick of paint and be a nice addition to my AQOTMF games.

Occasionally a miniature comes along that I simply must have. The Trollblood Mountain King is a good example. When I picked up Infinity again I was interested to look through the releases that had occurred since I last played and there right before me was another on of those ‘absolutely must have’ minis – the Armoured Raicho. I love the tribal brutality of this miniature mixed with the futuristic manga vibe that makes Infinity different. The overly ginormous gun, the pilot’s head poking out the top, and finally the second pilot just visible in the belly of the beast – fantastic stuff, what more could you ask for.

Here is a work in progress of my Raicho. I’m sticking pretty close to the studio scheme. Loving painting this miniature 🙂


A great game of AQOTMF today. 1500 points a side and scenario one from the book. Across the table Field Marshall Dreads.



The objective of the game was to get my Tripods into the human town and drive the feeble maggots out. I decided to play aggressively and put everything into the table and advance relentlessly with no mercy! The Martians got off to a great start destroying the human command tank in turn 1. The humans could only chip the paintwork of the advancing Martians and by the end of the turn they had made good progress toward the town.


In the middle of the game the Martians looked dominant, but a determined close range onslaught from the Yanks saw them take out a scout ‘Pod and damage two others. It looked as though there might be a tight finish but two unforeseen events put the Martians in a very strong position. Firstly, the Lobototons kicked into action blasting and slicing their way through the surprisingly dangerous Dough boys – not bad for a horde of mindless zombies! Secondly a few dodgy morale checks by the Yanks were capitalised on by the scuttling Martian ‘pods. This was compounded by the serendipitous discovery that it was possible to break a unit and then use the second movement to move with 3ins of the routers resulting in them panicking and dispersing.


In the dying action of the game the Martians all but eradicated the Yanks securing a comprehensive victory. It was a good game and with the scenario rules there was a depth to the play not present in the first couple of games played. We are planning on playing out all of the scenarios in the book and already looking forward to the next one 🙂





I picked these up an age ago and have finally put them together. The transparent Perspex images are fantastic and perfect for the Infinity universe. The mdf supports were ok to put together. They slot together quite well with little need for glue. Some of the bits are a little fragile and some slots are tight resulting in minor inconsistencies in form and fraying of edges during construction. Once constructed and painted these problems are barely noticeable as the eye is drawn to the beautifully rendered images. Overall a thumbs up and looking forward to getting these on my Infinity table.





Thought I would share my technique for painting Martian Tripods.
Step 1 : prime with Alclad black primer. This is a very glossy black paint that helps develop the metal tones.


Step 2 : a light covering of Alclad Pale Burnt Metal all over.


Step 3 : a carefully targeted application of Alclad Chrome. This is focused on areas that would receive highlights.


Step 4 : some areas get a blast of Alclad Polished Brass to add a bit of interest.


Step 5 : a carefully targeted application of Alclad Hot Metal Red. This brings out the Martian in the models. It’s a subtle effect but I hope it gives them a slightly more alien feel. Goes with the fluff too!


Next time Martian eyes!

Played another Infinity game this evening against my local friendly Yu Jing player. I’ve recently acquired some fantastic laser cut mdf buildings by Optical Power Ltd and this was a good chance to try out a few basic components.
We played a scenario in which we raced to secure the contents of 5 crates one of which contained a key objective. I won the roll for deployment and selected the side that had a slight advantage in getting to the crates. This gave my opponent the first turn which turned out to be a major error. Thinking my models would be relatively safe I left them in the open but the Yu Jing had two Camo Infiltrators who perched high on the buildings in the centre of the board. Add an outflanking Tiger Soldier into the mix and I found I had lost a good portion of my army before I had even activated a model. Doh!




From this point I was playing catch-up, and even if I do say so myself, some shocking dice meant I never really got into the game. Hats off to my opponent though for his efficient deployment and pressing home the advantage with tight play in the remainder of the game. We did had a very cool show-down at the end of the game with my Rasyat in the central objective room facing off a pair of Yu Jing Hackers over the final accessible crate. It was great fun to lift off the roof of the building and play out the action inside 🙂
The game went to the Yu Jing 4 – 0 on objectives with just one crate left untouched at the end of the game. In a cruel twist of fate it turned out the main objective of the game was in this unclaimed crate when we revealed the contents of each but the Yu Jing had the moral victory.
I was disappointed to have been thrashed so comprehensively but it was my own fault for poor deployment. Infinity is an unforgiving game if you don’t look after your guys and gals properly! On the bright side I was really pleased with the terrain and I’m looking forward to further developing it over the coming months.