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The Golden Thrall. There were some very nice entries in the competition. I popped a few of my Trolls in and the Hades. Ken popped in his Despoiler hoping for a sneaky coin. Sadly I missed the presentation due to the DZC tournament but I later learnt I had won three coins. A gold for my Runeshapers, a bronze for Gunnbjorn and his battle group and a gold for the Hades. Ken’s Despolier picked up a silver.








The third day of SMOGCON was always going to be busiest for me. First up it was the Dropzone Commander tournament and later in the day the Golden Thrall. The Warmachine Masters was also a distraction but sadly I wouldn’t be able to take part in the Speed Painting final as it clashed with the DZC tournament. I believe Ken was trying out Bushido and Tim was in the SMOGPIT but I think there may have been a High Command tournament in the mix too – all a bit much to remember at this stage!
Anyway, the Dropzone tournament was a three game affair and I was really looking forward to seeing if my numerous games at the Big ‘Uns had prepared me for playing ‘outsiders’ effectively. First game I played none other than Hawk Simon so I could immediately get a feel for whether we had been playing the game in the right style. Simon was playing Scourge and had a lot of the new models in his list. I noticed the list contained a lot of infantry and a lot of aggressive flying units, but was light on armour. As you might expect Simon played quickly and he targeted my anti air early leaving me unable to deal with his flyers. The game revolved around getting objectives out of buildings and he managed that rather better than me so won convincingly. It was a good game and perhaps what was better was the reassurance that my knowledge of the game and style of play was sound.


The next game I got to turn the table on the Scourge. I played a chap called Mark who was playing a very nicely painted army heavy with armour. In this game I had a lot more luck with the objectives and my PHR outgunned the Scourge menace with ease. Unfortunately no specific pics of this game but here is one that captures the atmosphere nicely.

In the final game I played a new scenario which involved five bunkers as focal points in which infantry were protected from fire apart from Flamers and CBQs. Across the table a PHR force including a Hades. This turned out to be a fantastic game that went right down to the wire. I dropped my Heavy walker ‘Death Star’ in the middle of the board and got my Sirens and a group of Immortals into the pivotal bunker at the centre of the board. However I left my home bunker very lightly defended and in the final turn my opponent made a daring raid down a flank putting just enough points within scoring distance to take it in the final moments. Great stuff – this scenario was a real corker and I would like to play it again.



So, I finished 1/3 but had a great time. Would be much more confident in my next tourny and I would need to take more infantry. I think the heavy walker ‘Death Star’ is too inflexible as well so would be keen to mix in some if the new lighter walkers for variation. To finish a rare shot of me playing a game!


1500 point game this evening and a chance to get the Hades on the table. We played the first scenario from the book and I was a little disturbed to see there were more Shaltari infantry than PHR.
The Hades marched onto the table and had a long road that spanned the whole table to make its advance on. At 6inches per turn it made reasonable progress and by the end of the game made it into my opponents half of the table. As it went it knocked a few buildings around and destroyed a couple of enemy tanks . However, once it made it to the other side of the board the massed fire of the Shaltari took it down.
But what really mattered was the battle in the buildings between the infantry. There were a number of complex CBQs during the game but the Shaltari were always ahead on numbers and their superior armour saw them grab a couple of objectives and hold onto them to the end.
So, the end result was a 2 – 0 win to the Shaltari. It was a good game and there were a few lessons to learn. First up 1500 points is a bit much – this game took 4+ hours to play. I’m beginning to think the sweet spot might be around 1250 for DZC. That gives a decent number of options but doesn’t make the game so complex. Secondly, the Hades is good but I wouldn’t say it is broken or invincible. I think it needs to concentrate on taking out slow moving targets. It struggled against skimmers and without demolition weapons it’s not a building squasher. Finally, the key to this game was very much the infantry. In the early games of DZC I always took loads of infantry and found I could dominate the objective game. I need to take more in the future. Oh, nearly forgot – I played a couple of Erobos. They were nice. Relatively fast moving debuffers so something a bit different for PHR and they did quite well.




PHR Hades

Posted: January 31, 2014 in Dropzone Commander, Painting and Modelling

Got this model for Christmas and I’m keen to get it on the table for a game this Sunday. The rest of my PHR are magnetised for Dropship loading and I wanted to keep this going with the Hades. It was a bit tricky to get the legs in the right place but with a bit of perseverance it worked out well. I also needed to magnetise the tail in order to fold it up and down. A largish rare earth magnet and a washer did the trick. Looking forward to getting this beast on the table this weekend 🙂





UCM take on Shaltari

Posted: January 31, 2014 in Dropzone Commander, Gaming

A nice little 1k game to introduce a friend to DZC this Sunday just gone. UCM versus Shaltari with the starter sets and a couple of extras to spice things up a bit.

We played the first scenario from the book which inevitability means rushing to the buildings in the centre to grab objectives. A brutal CBQ occurred in the centre building that saw 6 bases of Legionnaires and 2 bases of Praetorians clash with 2 bases of Braves and 2 bases of a Firstborn. In many ways this was the deciding scrap of the game as the UCM narrowly won by sheer weight of numbers giving them the opportunity to take the centre objective. With the other two objectives shared it was simply a case of trying to get the objectives off the board safely.


A squad of Legionnaires in a Condor were exploded in the air by a Shaltari flyer but luckily the Praetorians managed to fly their objective off the board in a Raven. The Shaltari had a chance to draw level in VPs by getting their objective off the board but they just ran out of time in the final turn .
It was a close game won 2 VPs to 1 by the UCM. In putting the Shaltari list together I learnt more about their unique rules and feel a bit more clued up on their shenanigans. Just as well really as I have another game against Shaltari lined up for this Sunday!

Played a DZC game tonight. It was the first game for awhile and to be honest a bit of a shambles. Firstly I couldn’t get internet access to my list/rules and then the table with my models on collapsed! No breakages but one model became lost and water went all over my cards/crib sheets. Coupled with a scheduled early end this meant the game didn’t really reach a satisfactory conclusion but we did get 3 and a bit turns done. Looking on the bright side it was a good refresher and I got to put my Spartan Games Dropship on the board as an objective holding structure. I also got a good look at my opponents rather nicely painted Scourge. Just for my own reference as much as anything else the Drop ship was airbrushed with PP Fortress Grey, GW Astronomican Grey and finally Vallejo light blue grey.
The game itself was not a serious one and we both made a few crazy moves for the sake of trying out the rules and models. As in previous games I found the UCM to be fairly good at all aspects of the game but not outstanding at anything. I felt the list I took lacked a bit of punch but I did have plenty of troops so was able to get into the drop ship early and start looking for the key objective. A group of Razor Worms followed my Praetorians into the ship and a brutal close quarter combat occurred which saw just a few Praetorians alive at the end but crucially in control of the objective. We called time at this stage leaving the UCM with a 2 – 0 win on VPs but it wasn’t a meaningful result given the casual nature of the tussle.
The unfortunate series of events made the game frustrating but it was great to get back in the cockpit and play some more DZC. I’m not enamoured with the UCM so if I can get another game sorted I may go back to the PHR and try out some new models I have acquired. Also I think it worth mentioning that the Spartan model looked great on the table and played nicely as structure . Well worth picking one up to add a bit of colour to a DZC table I think.



I have a game of DZC lined up for the weekend so thought I would dig this out of my stash. It’s a nice looking piece and I think will make an interesting objective or building for DZC games.
I was surprised to find the kit was made of clear acrylic. It’s quite flimsy on its own and due to being transparent identifying the parts was not easy. However, once glued together it is more robust. The construction was not straightforward but the pieces are well made and fit together well. No flask or mould lines to deal with as I guess this is a laser cut kit. However superglue did run around the model a fair bit so I’m expecting to deal with a few patches and finger prints during painting.
I’ve left some of the resin drop ons off for the moment so the pics are not the full kit but give a good idea of what it looks like. Primed its a nice looking model.



The New Year is approaching fast and I’m wondering where to invest my gaming energies in 2014. I won’t be doing another 12 Labours but I will be reviewing how well that went before the year is out. If there is one thing the Labours have taught me that is I can’t plan more than a couple of months in advance without getting seriously distracted!

Bearing this in mind I’ve quite enjoyed getting onside with a club mate’s philosophy of sticking with a system for an extended period to get the most from it. I’m thinking 2-3 months seems optimum : enough time to thoroughly learn the rules, paint a force and try out a few variations.

One thing is for sure : Smogcon in Feb. The main focus here is Warmahordes of course, but Malifaux, DZC and Bushido may also be worthy distractions. And then there is the speed painting which really needs a bit of practice too – even if just for a laugh.

So, in conclusion, Jan and Feb will see me keeping Warmahordes firmly in mind. However, I would like to go to Smogcon in a good position to play one of the other systems to a respectable standard too.


UCM defeated by PHR

Posted: August 26, 2013 in Dropzone Commander, Gaming

A game of DZC last night. Another nail-biter that saw 1.5K of UCM take on a similar PHR force.
At the end of 6 turns we were drawn on 4VPs so it came down to kill points. Initially it looked like the UCM had scraped a victory by just 9 points but a recount with the revised points costs gave the PHR victory by 5. It was that close!
Having played a couple of games with the UCM I’m beginning to understand their choices better. Have to say not terribly impressed with their fleet options but the tanks and drone launcher are great. I’m also worried about the infantry which seems lacking.
I’ve never really felt naturally drawn to the UCM boys, but as they were not getting much attention at my local club I wanted to give them a shot. I suspect a 3rd faction will be on the way soon. The question is Scourge or Shaltari?

Got my UCM on the table for the first time this evening. Across the table a PHR force. This was interesting for me having played PHR exclusively over the last few months – a taste of my own medicine!
The game started of with both sides rushing the nearest buildings to get the easy to reach objectives. The UCM had slightly superior fire power on their drop ships which allowed them to bash away at the buildings and take out the Immortals with falling masonry. A healthy dose of luck in this area put the UCM ahead and they managed to sneak an objective off the board with the help of the Fighter Escort card.
Meanwhile the battle for aerial dominance was being won by the PHR Athena but the UCM Starsprite drones were moving into enemy territory and looking dangerous. As it turned out it was these drones that made the vital kill.
A squad of Immortals had found and removed an objective to a Juno mounted in a Neptune. A single Starsprite got the final point of damage to force the Neptune into an emergency landing. The Juno disembarked but was faced with 4 other drones who combined fire to knock the APC out and put the UCM in a winning position.
Another tense game of this great system. The UCM certainly play differently to the PHR. I missed the elite choices of the PHR but enjoyed the extra mobility the UCM afforded. To be fair the UCM got lucky in the initial exchanges so the next game will be interesting.