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Troll time!

Posted: July 31, 2013 in Gaming, Trollbloods

It’s been a while but the Trolls came out to play tonight. 35 points of, in the main, Cryx infantry across the table, headed up by Deneghra. I decided to take Grim Angus and chose a pretty powerful combo of models with a Bomber and Scattergunners to clear the infantry and the no brainer Pygs plus a Fell Caller to pull the assassination run on Deneghra.
The game was a good one and my plan worked like a charm. The Cryx infantry bunched in the middle of the table giving me a big target to lay my templates on while the Pygs managed to get behind Deneghra on their second burrow. With a +4 bonus to hit their blunderbusses did the business and Deneghra was blown away.
Kudos to my opponent Craigus2002 who was playing his first 35 point game. I didn’t hold back in list selection or strategy and the Cryx competed well even putting a few Venoms on Grim which were unlucky not to do more damage.



Death on the Broad Blue

Posted: July 25, 2013 in Gaming, Uncharted Seas

Played a second game of Uncharted seas this evening. Across the table were the Iron Dwarves again, but this time new vehicles of war were mobilised. Both sides boasted two cruisers fitted with rams and while the Dwarves had fielded a submarine, the Ralgard had brought a war balloon to the battle.

The Ralgard were unlucky with the wind blowing against them and their problems were compounded when the Balloon tugs almost collided with the Ram ships causing some sharp changes of tack just as the battle was joined.

The two fleets exchanged fire and the battle was close. However, the Dwarves managed to line up a double ram on Betty, the Ralgard battleship, which was a concern. I was fairly confident that Betty would sink the two ramming cruisers but one of them survived. Betty had taken some heavy damage from the rams and the Ralgard were taken by surprise when the surviving Ram ship turned out to be carrying Dwarf Marines! The Ralgard fought savagely in return and the end result saw both crews being slaughtered to the man!

This left both ships derelict and in the final throws of the game a cheeky Dwarven frigate boarded Betty and captured her. Damn them but well played by my opponent!
The Balloon and Submarine added some colour to the game but it was the Ramship that was the star of the show. Ramming is very risky but as this game shows if it goes your way it can be decisive. Good stuff, looking forward to some more.

Old friends clash with old foes.

Posted: July 14, 2013 in Gaming, Khador

Played an old friend of mine tonight and we clashed together two old foes : Butcher and Deneghra.
Deneghra started cautiously hiding behind a block of Bane Thralls while her chickens snuck now the flanks for the inevitable Venom attack. The Butcher ordered his forces forward and a pair of Eliminators quickly closed on the Thralls spinning and whirling through their ranks untouchable.
In the mid-game Deneghra looked dangerous as the chickens closed in on the Butcher. His problems were compounded by a misjudged feat turn that left him high and dry in the middle of the table. Luckily the Butcher was able to weather the storm via a turn of camped focus and some bad luck on the Venom rolls of the Warwitch.
As the late game developed the Butchers bodyguard of Shocktroooers advanced on Deheghra and a lucky shield cannon shot caught her full on. One of the Eliminators spotted her chance and leapt through the Bane Thralls to stab Deneghra in the back with a well placed blow. It was enough to finish her and bring a tense game to an unexpected end.
Hats off to my opponent for putting the Butcher in a lot trouble as this was only his second game. I feel a bit fortunate to have won in the way I did, but I’m not complaining too much!



Played a first game of Uncharted Seas this evening. Ralgard starter vs. Iron Dwarf starter. It was a good game and considering neither of us had properly read the rules beforehand it played remarkably well.
The play was surprisingly fast and brutal. Having played Battlefleet Gothic a lot in the past I was expecting a similar style of game. Instead movement was simple (with the aid of the templates) and the action was simple and decisive. It was a bit of shock to see my ships sinking so quickly and I sense this game is actually going work best with sizeable fleets as loses are going to be thick and fast.
In this case the Iron Dwarves got off to a great start and very quickly most of my fleet had been seen off. The Battleship hung on a bit longer and its best action came when 3 Dwarf cruisers rammed it and all three were sunk as a result! However, the Iron Dwarf battleship pounded broadsides in until eventually the Ralgard ship was sunk as well.
I have to say the game didn’t play at all as I had expected for a naval combat game. It was much more like a game of say 40K with lots of dice and quick uncomplicated gameplay. I’ll certainly be back for more and want to try some different units and a boarding action next time.
Cheers for the game Dreads 🙂




I’ve not had much hobby time recently but I have managed to expand on my UCM starter. A commander in Kodiak was essential and I just love the Ferrum drone carrier model so had to include that. Next up will be some Praetorians in a Raven A type and then will probably need to look at some more armour.