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I’ve been painting some Wild West Exodus Outlaws recently. These are interesting models in that they have very elegant silhouettes but as you might expect from a plastic starter some of the surface detail could be better. On the gaming table I expect them to look superb from a foot or so away so I’ve gone for a good tabletop rather than spending hours on them. The colours are in the main P3 browns, P3 Thornwood Green and Vallejo Buff. I’ve gone for natural colours in the main but Blood Red neckerchiefs to contrast and give them an Outlaw feel. The base colours were washed over with a Gamesworkshop sepia tone and a little brown ink. The metals are my usual Alclad Burnt Metal and Chrome with a little brown ink and Ultramarines blue washed in. Most of the possie is base coated, washed and based ready to use but I’ve a put a few finishing details on the models below.