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Played my first game of Bushido tonight. It was very good. Across the table 35 Rice of Temple of Ro- Kan commanded by Sam an experienced player ……. And just as well as I had little idea about the rules!
After running through the basics we launched into the Idol scenario. I made the early decision to focus on summoning Bakebonos to add to my horde while my big guy Kemono and Ushi would handle the melee.
As it turned out I had just the right number of Bakemono to generate the Ki I needed to summon a Bakemono each turn. Kemono and Ushi did the job brilliantly smashing through the Temple Ro-Kan monks with little trouble while the Bakemono hassled on the flanks patching up their casualties summoning from the darkness. After a couple of turns the Savage Wave were in a great position and it was just a matter of time before they had wiped out the opposition.
So, a win in my first game more by luck than judgement, but I enjoyed the game. I was lucky to have chosen enough Bakemono to summon an additional member to the horde each turn and this is something worth bearing in mind for the future. I also played very aggressively nearly always taking full attack dice. This meant I kept losing the Bakemono while Kemono and Ushi did take a beating, but in doing so they were able to whittle away the Ro- Kan and set up the win.
It’s a nice little game with a lot of character. I don’t think it has the depth of Warmahordes but I think it will be a quick and exciting game once the rules are mastered. A thumbs up from me.



Played a three way 175 point game yesterday evening. The other forces dropping into the zone were Haqqislam led by Sheikh Frogboy I-farh-ted and Nomads by the intergalactic girlyboy simply known as Matt.


We played a different more complex set of mission cards that were lurking in my case which gave the game a nice sense of direction. The ensuing three way crossfire was exciting and brutal. I came away with a healthy fear of viral weapons, antipersonnel mines and the green laser we were using to check line of fire through the maze of platforms and towers!
In the event the Combined Army were the first to get to their exit point but only The Shrouded and a single Morat escaped with their lives. Luckily for the Aliens the cost of human life was high too and when the victory points were totted up they had won by a narrow margin. Key to the win had been making contact with all three of my objective markers and destroying the one Haqqislam marker discovered on the way. The Malignos’ infiltration and TO camouflage were essential here, and although he went down in action he once again gets the miniature of the match award for me.
The game was great fun if a little frustrating at times. Really looking forward to more of this in the weeks to come. A few shots of the action to finish.





My first game of Bushido is still yet to happen but it is penciled in two weeks from now. That should give me time to get a decent starter force painted. I’ve settled on 35 Rice of models plus an additional Bakemono which I believe I might need for summoning purposes. All of these models now have at least base colours and the bases done so are ready to use. I would like to have them all finished for the game though.
I couldn’t resist buying some Far East terrain as well. I picked up a Sarissa Precision Tori gate and Japanese style bridge. Nice kits although the bridge was a bit of a pig to glue together. There are also some nice Buddha statues that I picked up for just a couple of quid on eBay. A longer term project will be to make a board with a Japanese garden feel to it but I want to get the basics in place first.




Played my first game of Infinity for a long time. It was great! 175 pts of Combined Army against Nomads on my newly constructed Towers and Platforms. We played in a casual manner getting a feel for the rules rather than playing strictly by the book. We also used an old unofficial set of mission cards I had in my case to stop game being a sniping match. My mission was to advance into enemy territory while my opponents turned out to be recovering cubes from my troops. It was great fun.


In the early stages there was a spot of long range sniping as the forces moved into the battle zone. I was horrified when my lieutenant was shot as he descended a ladder but luckily my medic was following up and patched him up. Just goes to show how important those doctors can be!
After a couple of turns I decided to make my move by revealing my Shrouded. Occupying a high position and taking advantage of his Thermo Optic camouflage he was able to move across a central bridge shooting down the more vulnerable Nomads with near impunity.
It was not long before the Nomads were forced into a Retreat situation. The Shrouded moved into the Nomad deployment zone while the rest of the Combined army advanced into a scenario winning position.

Sadly the Shrouded was eventually killed by a Nomad Zero as he escaped from the battlefield but he had done the damage needed to create a 2 – 0 win.
I really enjoyed playing Infinity again. When I first played the game I had come from a Warhammer Fantasy background and it was such a contrast it was very hard to tune in to the game. Having played a lot of skirmish games since it felt much more natural this time. The terrain worked well although I need a few more ladders to facilitate moving up and down levels. A House rule that naturally developed was not allowing line of fire through girders and I think another good one would be treating the railings as solid . This would mean models could go prone behind them to block line of fire.
Looking forward to more Infinity soon 🙂

A club mate suggested a game of Infinity this weekend. I’ve not played this for a couple of years but I’m keen to play again. One of the challenges of playing the game is creating the right style of terrain. Lots of cover is needed and the game benefits if models can move in 3D. Several months ago I purchased a load of MDF terrain for this reason so this was a great excuse to get it together.
Stage 1 was assembly. This was surprisingly simple. I would recommend using PVA glue as my initial attempt with superglue was an epic fail. I had enough towers and platforms done for a 6 x 4 table in two evenings. My young daughters enjoyed them too!

Next up was painting. I’ve got in mind two distinct areas that I have started (see PHR base and Eden scrap yard threads) and would like to expand in future. The first is a clean Starship feel, the second is a dirtier industrial feel. I also made a few transitionary pieces so that one area naturally merges into the other.
The exact colours were mainly driven by the bargain bucket sprays I have picked up over the last couple of years. I have a penchant for picking up end of line bargains at DIY stores and when Model Zone closed I bagged a shed load of a Humbrol sprays 😉
The Starship area was based with Plastikote Rustic blue followed by a yellowy white I have forgotten the name of for now …. Interest was added with a little Plastikote green in the form of Pastel and Jade. Humbrol Aluminium metalcote was used in patches. Martinez Gloss white was misted over the lot and to finish the Plastikote Ice-Cream was patched in places. It’s complex but I think the layered colour is worth the effort as it improves the character of the pieces and if the upper layers wear and chip it should produce a nice weathered look.
The industrial area was base coated with Plastikote Georgian Sienna Stencil. Humbrol Gunmetal was next followed by Humbrol metallic Aluminium, a fine patchy mist of Martinez wheel silver and last of all Humbrol Luminous Orange.
The spraying took about 4 hours to do so total build time is around 10 hours. Not bad for a 6 x 4 complex table set up. A couple of final points worth noting : I was worried the laser etched detail would be lost in painting but it was actually enhanced by spraying in thin layers; I decided to spray after assembly rather than before in order to aid realistic shadows and transitions while painting – this makes spraying much harder but I think it’s worth it.




A very good game of Malifaux this evening. I went for Prisoner (Seamus) and Framed for Murder (Depleted) as my schemes. The strategy was Turf War so my game plan was simple : rush the middle of the table, get the Depleted killed and try and tie up Seamus with my big guys.
The game started off fine, if a little cagey. I walked everyone toward the centre and watched as Seamus snuck down a flank. My opponent starting dropping markers and a look down the board’s diagonal suggested he was playing Line in the Sand. After a couple of turns Huggy was battling with a Flesh Construct and this, I feel, was the pivotal point of the game. I made two key errors here : Firstly I forget Huggy’s upgrade which would have given him an extra attack ; secondly I allowed my hand to empty which gave the Flesh Construct Reactivation. The Fleshy dude duly pummelled Huggy and this put Jakob in trouble. The one saving grace was that Seamus made his move toward the centre and I was able to use a Beckoner to drag him into Mr Grave’s charge range.
When turn 5 came around Jakob and Mr Graves took Seamus prisoner, the Flesh Construct had murdered the Depleted and I had totted up a few VPs in the Turf War. Although Jakob’s crew was severely beaten I thought my 6VPs might be enough to put me in with a chance. As it turned out Seamus bagged 6 as well : A draw!
I enjoyed the game although the few weeks since my last were enough for me to forget most of the rules! A big thanks to Kev for his patience guiding me through (again! ) and providing the rather nice scenery .




More work on Kemono and Ushi last night. I’m continuing with my experimental coloured highlights. The complimentary for red is green so you’ll notice the highlights are greeny yellow and increasing towards pure yellow. It’s an interesting technique that adds variety to a paint job.
I recently acquired the Bushido book and enjoyed flicking through the images. I felt the models needed a more demonic edge so I’ve got the day-glo pigments out and tried to give the eyes a bit of punch.
Still some way to go with the big guy but getting there.



Bushido – Savage Wave part 5

Posted: April 3, 2014 in Bushido

A little more progress on these guys so far this week. The big chap is only base coated and shadowed so lots of work still to be done. The Bakemono horde is coming along nicely though. Still hoping for a game this weekend so the priority may become base coating and basing up a 35 rice list.