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Yes, it’s official : I’ve lost my painting mojo! A lot of real-life stuff has got in the way over the last 2 -3 months. I did start a number of projects but little got completed and my painting area got into a terrible mess. So, in the spare moments over the last couple of days I had a good tidy up and laid out the ongoing projects I want to finish or make significant progress on right now. I’m hoping this will reignite the flame and I’ll get some nice stuff done before the summer is out.
The projects, in no particular order, are : Broken Karchev, Suryat, Mech Droid, Raicho, Extreme Ghetorix and Vlad 3 .
Poor old Karchev has been in pieces on the side of my desk for months since Harkevich became my Khador caster of choice and then I shelved the faction in favour of Circle. This simply is not the right state of affairs for the great man and he must be returned to a fit fighting state. The Infinity miniatures are for the ongoing campaign and I would like to see them on the tabletop
soon. The final two pieces are ear-marked for SMOGCON 2015 as potential entries in the painting competition. While chatting to Jon Webb at the 2014 event he recommended preparing 5 – 6 pieces and then narrowing down to the best for some final tlc. To me that sounded like a great strategy and it should generate some nice models for play if nothing else.







Without further ado I decided to go for a quick win and get Karchev put back together this evening. When I first made him I was lazy with pinning and hence why he ended up in such a state. I set about him with drill, brass rod and superglue and after an hour he was in a much better shape. It’s not the neatest job in the world and his pose could be better, but the main thing is pride has been restored and he is ready to kick butt should I decide to bring him out of retirement.


The New Year is approaching fast and I’m wondering where to invest my gaming energies in 2014. I won’t be doing another 12 Labours but I will be reviewing how well that went before the year is out. If there is one thing the Labours have taught me that is I can’t plan more than a couple of months in advance without getting seriously distracted!

Bearing this in mind I’ve quite enjoyed getting onside with a club mate’s philosophy of sticking with a system for an extended period to get the most from it. I’m thinking 2-3 months seems optimum : enough time to thoroughly learn the rules, paint a force and try out a few variations.

One thing is for sure : Smogcon in Feb. The main focus here is Warmahordes of course, but Malifaux, DZC and Bushido may also be worthy distractions. And then there is the speed painting which really needs a bit of practice too – even if just for a laugh.

So, in conclusion, Jan and Feb will see me keeping Warmahordes firmly in mind. However, I would like to go to Smogcon in a good position to play one of the other systems to a respectable standard too.


Old friends clash with old foes.

Posted: July 14, 2013 in Gaming, Khador

Played an old friend of mine tonight and we clashed together two old foes : Butcher and Deneghra.
Deneghra started cautiously hiding behind a block of Bane Thralls while her chickens snuck now the flanks for the inevitable Venom attack. The Butcher ordered his forces forward and a pair of Eliminators quickly closed on the Thralls spinning and whirling through their ranks untouchable.
In the mid-game Deneghra looked dangerous as the chickens closed in on the Butcher. His problems were compounded by a misjudged feat turn that left him high and dry in the middle of the table. Luckily the Butcher was able to weather the storm via a turn of camped focus and some bad luck on the Venom rolls of the Warwitch.
As the late game developed the Butchers bodyguard of Shocktroooers advanced on Deheghra and a lucky shield cannon shot caught her full on. One of the Eliminators spotted her chance and leapt through the Bane Thralls to stab Deneghra in the back with a well placed blow. It was enough to finish her and bring a tense game to an unexpected end.
Hats off to my opponent for putting the Butcher in a lot trouble as this was only his second game. I feel a bit fortunate to have won in the way I did, but I’m not complaining too much!



Butcher does what he does best

Posted: February 12, 2013 in Gaming, Khador

Played a 35 point Warmachine game this weekend. It was a good game against Deneghra and the usual array of Cryx nasties.
I got of to a good start using a pair of Juggernauts to smash through the chicken vanguard that always seems to accompany the Warwitch. I also used Ironflesh to good effect on a pair of Eliminators who tied up a big unit of Bloodwitches.
Midway it was looking like the Butcher all the way but Deneghra did have a sneaky trick up her sleeve. She parried a Shocktrooper and ghost walked through a building to sneak up on the Butcher himself. Luckily with the focus gone on the spell and some poor dice the Butcher weathered the storm. It was a simple job for the big guy to turn round and take her out with two big chops.


Played my first game of Warmachine for a while. We went for 50pts and I took the Conquest to get a bit more experience with the big guy.
My super beardy opponent knew this was going to be case and took a dirty net list that included ‘back lash’. This basically meant that the Conquest became a giant voodoo doll for my caster Harkevich. After three or four turns of chipping away at the Conquest and Harkevich the Iron Wolf went down. What made things worse was my opponents army was covered in mould lines and then he had the gall to ask for a lift home! Tsk, the cheek of it! 😉


This Sunday I played in the local club Warmahordes league final. I knew I would be facing a very tough opponent and a brick of Skorne armour, so I opted for pIrusk and as much infantry filth that I could squeeze into 35 points as possible.
We opted for 7 minute turns and the grind fest began. Using Iron-flesh and the special abilities of the Winterguard and Kayazy I presented a very agile tar pit of infantry for the Skorne to fight through. I hoped to either Airburst, Bombard or kayazy mini-feat my opponents ‘caster to death as I knew I would not be able to break down his wall of armoured infantry and beasts.
The game went on at a frantic pace for two hours until pIrusk faced off against a badly beaten pXerxes and a wall of Cetrati warriors.
Sadly the Khadorian did not stand up to their combined charge and he was taken down brave in his service to the motherland.
It was a hell of a game and a taste of Warmachine played at a highly competitive level. I am very pleased to have reached the club final and perhaps next time I can take the title.



Don’t panic!

Posted: September 25, 2012 in Gaming, Khador

This Sunday I had a return match against Vayl using pIrusk and his merry band of infantry filth. My opponent had done his homework this time and was better prepared for the Kayazy and friends. Their initial somewhat reckless attack was neutered leaving the Winter Guard and Behemoth to gradually grind down the more fragile Legion.
In the latter stages of the game the Legion were out numbered and it was looking good for a Khador win. However past experience tells me the Legion can pull off outrageous assassination runs so I decided to play cautiously. With about 20 seconds on the clock and just Irusk to go I declared proudly that I would not panic and do something stupid to hand my opponent the win and ran said ‘caster back behind his lines. Unfortunately I had forgotten we were playing Killbox and he found himself 8 inches from the edge. Doh! Did I feel a numpty or what!?!?
Best not mention this game again …..

50 points of filth

Posted: September 20, 2012 in Gaming, Khador

The standard of Warmahordes has risen exponentially at my local club recently. My ‘jack heavy approach to Khador simply isn’t working anymore so I have turned to the dark side!
After studying a few articles and podcasts I decided to ramp up the infantry content of my collection and try pIrusk who seems to be generally accepted as the best Khador ‘caster.
I airbrushed some basic colours on 10 Kayazy + underboss, 2 units of eliminators and made sure I had the full winter guard death star ready to rock and roll. Add in the Great Bears and a Conquest and you have 50 points of Khadorian filth!
I faced a legion army led by Vayl. The game was a real grind-fest and perhaps not surprisingly Irusk and his infantry horde eventfully emerged on top.
I liked the way the infantry heavy list played but I will need to speed up if it is to be viable in a competitive game.



Conquest Base

Posted: September 20, 2012 in Khador, Painting and Modelling

Not had much time for blogging recently so running a bit behind. Some time ago I made the base for my conquest and took a few pics.
The bases of my Khador army have a snowy forest theme. The snow is just a mix of white coral sand and PVA so nothing exciting there. Some of foliage is a bit more interesting though. First up some snowy long grass.
I use silfor tufts which are very nice. A few patches here and there are stuck on.

I also added some silfor moss and natural leaves to the base.



In order to give it a more snowy feel I use a pair of Tamiya weathering sticks. One is snow one is mud. Using a cocktail stick a little of each pigment is ‘brushed’ or spread in patches.


Finally Mig pigment filler is brushed over the required area to improve adhesion.



Posted: August 23, 2012 in Khador, Painting and Modelling

No, not the children’s programme that is a current fav of my little girl. Numbers on big, indeed Colossal, ‘jacks!
I put some dirty wash on the Conquest tonight but had 10 mins to spare while it was drying so started on some of the markings. I used an old Imperial guard transfer sheet to get some suitable numbers for his right shoulder pad. All the other ‘jacks in my army have a number on their right pad so the Conquest gets the same treatment to help unify the models. A little tip I have learned is to cut as much of the clear backing away as possible to avoid gloss later on. A pair of micro-scissors help.



After cutting the transfer is applied as carefully as possible and nudged around using a wet brush until I am happy with the result. I used the bolts on the bottom of the pad to help judge where each would go.
When the transfers are dry I apply a little micro-set to help keep them in place. When that is dry it will be on to the weathering …..



And voila, a little bit of scratching with a pin and the effect is achieved.