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A blast from the past – EPIC

Posted: December 15, 2014 in Epic

I’ve not played Epic for a long time so jumped at the chance for a game when a club mate expressed an interest.
I dusted my Deathguard off, read the rules again, and prepared to do battle with the followers of the False Emperor. This was also a chance to use some newly acquired explosion markers which added some nice LOS blocking terrain and added some atmosphere to the proceedings.



The game initially moved quite slowly as we fumbled with half remembered rules and unit characteristics, but livened up once we got to grips with the assault rules. Assault is particularly decisive in this game and there was some brutal action in the centre of the board.


By the time we reached turn three it was getting late and decided to call it a night. Totting up objectives the Deathguard had narrowly taken the game but it was a close thing.




I really enjoyed playing Epic again. My previous experience of it being a tactical game where assault is king but careful objective play can make all the difference was reaffirmed. The Space Marines had a huge and very resilient formation that dominated the middle of the board, but this did allow the Deathguard to operate well on the flanks and for my Terminators to teleport in unopposed to take the key objective. I also enjoyed the dinky models – as I my club mate noted it’s not often you get to field so many Landraiders so cheaply.