The road to SMOGCON – part 4

Posted: January 4, 2016 in Gaming, Tournaments, Trollbloods

Second game with Gunny against Legion again but this time eVayl. Same list as the last game but this time Highwaymen instead of Scattergunners and I put my tier two trenches down.


The Legion list was small and elite including an Angelius, Zuriel, Typhon, 2 x Forsaken and 2 x Deathstalker. Looking at eVayl’s spell list this was going to be a very maneuverable force with lots of stealth and possible assassination threats. I decided to go with the usual strategy of rushing the burrowers forward to tie-up the centre ground and then look to punch a hole for the heavies and Gunny to assassinate at range.
First round went as planned but the Legion redirected making it harder for the Burrowers to get a substantial number of attacks on one beast.


The Highywaymen ‘water-falled’ on the Angelius but only managed a couple of points of damage. The Burrowers also failed to make an impact on Typhon and Zuriel. To be fair my dice were poor but this meant I had lost the initiative.
The Legion beasts ripped into my Infantry causing heavy casaulties leaving me in trouble for the scenario  and opening up the table for the Legion to attack my Battlegroup.
In my next turn I took two (somewhat diminished) death star shots from my Highwaymen which in hind-sight would have been a better option in the previous turn. I also had a go using the battlegroup to drop some templates near eVayl using Dozer’s Bank Shot to gain more control over the scatter. This tactic clearly has merit and I can see it being very good in the right circumstance. I do need to plan the activation order carefully to make the most of it and remember all the buffs and synergies.
From here in the Legion played a game of hit and run and Gunny failed to get any traction in inflicting serious damage. In fact it was looking like I would fail to kill a single model so I turned Gunny on a Deathstalker to avoid this embarrassment only to allow Typhon to rear-end him into oblivion.


Another good learning experience. Although I didn’t do well I was faster and used more of the aspects of the Gunny list that should make it a good one. I need to make some trench templates – although they had little effect in this game I can see them being useful in others. I also made the mistake of putting my objective in one trench meaning there was less space for models – must remember not to do that next time.

  1. Mark Smith says:

    Hi, it’s Mark (P3 Terminus). Glad to see you’ll be there in Feb. I’ll look forward to seeing your entries, maybe this year they won’t drop them!

    • nurgleonbass says:

      Hi Mark. Good to hear from you. My entries are not going well this year. In fact I don’t have any at the moment! I’ve near enough thrown in the towel this time around. Maybe I’ll just pull an old model out my case and try winning it that way 😉
      Do you have some nice surprises to share this year?

  2. Mark Smith says:

    I’ts a tried and tested tactic! I’m aiming for two entries, large base (Nightmare) and single warrior (Orin). I’m a little concerned as I’ve gone Cryx again for the large base that may work against me.Time is running out faster than I’d hoped! i’m hoping to actually play a game this year, the first in two years! I’m going to have to brush up on the rules a little I think.

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